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Insulated Dog Doors

Insulated Pet Doors For Extreme Weather

Insulated pet doors provide protection from extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions, Saving you money every time you run your heating or air conditioning. You will notice a common feature in these energy-efficient dog doors is the dual flap design, an extra flap not only provides an extra barrier to keep out unwanted weather but also insulates further by sealing air inside the pet door opening. avoiding this and only installing a single flap can end up costing you way more in energy bills than investing in an insulated pet door from the start!

Energy efficiency is at the heart of an insulated dog door design. If you live in Southern California, Hawaii, and elevated parts of New Mexico, for example, the mild year-round climate conditions allow many homes to be built without HVAC systems. This makes utility doors suitable. If your regional climate requires you to turn on the air conditioning or heating units a few months each year, insulated pet doors are your best bet.

Best Dog Doors For Winter

MaxSeal Insulated Dog Doors

When it comes to trusted brands of pet doors, MaxSeal is a respected name. Custom MaxSeal doors are the best choice for sturdy double-flap mechanisms mounted on insulated walls hands down. When properly installed, MaxSeal products effectively function as weather barriers. 

MaxSeal PRO doors are all weather pet doors, made just like ordinary MaxSeal pet door except also including metal reinforced flaps, a much thicker and more insulating aluminum security panel, and an optional padlock compatible exterior security panel to give you a completely air sealed pet door.

Plexidor Insulated Dog Doors

Plexiglas material is ideal for pet doors, and this is what the Plexidor brand is known for. These doors come in saloon-style and flap mechanisms that create air pockets in order to conserve indoor temperatures; moreover, the doors are lined with brush lines that provide weather stripping.

PetSafe Doors For Extreme Weather

PetSafe door-mounted flaps feature unique entry mechanisms ideal for dogs that enjoy training challenges. The three-flap system provides insulation by means of magnetic strips at the bottom; this results in greater resistance that canines or felines have to deal with, but they eventually become accustomed to the mechanism.

Insulated Cat Doors

Your cats want to ensure that, if they like a bit of rain or snow, that they can return as soon as possible. The same applies if you have an enclosed patio for them. Use the Insulated Patio Cat Door to keep the elements out and allow your feline to enter and leave as they please. The security panel allows for easy locking.

Learn More About Insulated Dog Doors From Moore Pet Supplies

At Moore Pet Supplies, we have become a leading provider of pet door solutions because we choose to stock products that appeal to all pet owners. This is why our online catalog for pet doors features dozens upon dozens of options. We are proud to carry the most comprehensive selection of pet door solutions.

Please get in touch with our offices to learn more about our products or to find an installation professional in your area. We enjoy guiding our clients through all the steps of the selection, purchase, and installation process. Let us help you weather any storms and keep your houses insulated.