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Wide Gates

Wide Pet Gates

Widest Pet Gates, Pressure and Hardware Mounted Dog Gates

Extra-long dog gates are perfect for larger pets that can climb or jump indoors. We offer a number of solutions that might work perfectly in your home. Take a look at the different options available to those who need a tall and wide pet gate. More than likely, one of them will help make it that much easier to spend more time with your pet. Decide if you want hardware-mounted or standing gates.

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Extra-Wide Dog Gates And Extensions

Wide pet gates are used in situations that require larger spans or taller heights to prevent pets from jumping over them. This category of gates highlights models that have extensions made that can either increase the width of the gate or the height. All of our extensions are very easy to add or install. Each model comes with easy to follow instructions.

That means you could get your garage dog gate up in record time. Even if you need to build a tall and wide pet gate, you shouldn?t have any difficulty. If you?ve ever completed any kind of do-it-yourself project in the past, then you should be able to put together expandable dog gates with just a few simple tools.

Check to make sure you have a screwdriver and perhaps a few other common gadgets. More than likely, you?ll need to open the shipping crate that your extra long dog gates come in. Other than this, however, you?ll be able to get up to speed easily.

Consider investing in free-standing models if your pet is experiencing any other kinds of challenges or you can?t get your garage dog gate to stand up straight otherwise.

Freestanding Wide Pet Gates

Dog gates with wide openings are perfect for pet owners who have to deal with certain dimensions, but they still might not be ideal depending on your particular circumstances. That?s where free-standing expandable dog gates come into play. You can simply stretch these out and block off an area or grant access at will.

This makes them suitable for situations where you might need a portable gate that you can move around a dwelling and put away at the end of the day. Pet owners who need a custom experience might be able to retract expandable dog gates to just the right desired length if necessary. This has helped to give them an even more flexible image as far as the world of pet supply products is concerned.

Get Dog Gates For Wide Openings From Moore Pet Supplies

You might think that this kind of technology is hard to find, because you might not be able to track it down at your local pet supply place. Moore Pet Supplies, however, always has it in stock. You can find extra long dog gates in any number of sizes, which should be useful for those who have almost any kind of opening to deal with.
Contact us online today and tell us more about the size of your particular opening. If you have any concerns, then make sure you share them with our experienced representatives. We?ll be able to find a piece that fits you and your dog without any problems.

Widest pet gates available, featuring wood or metal construction varying in height. These long span dog gates are available in hardware mounted or freestanding gate options. Extensions are available in select gate models to increase the overall span width or height on top of the base gate width.