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Wall Mounted Pet Doors For Cats and Dogs

Cat and Dog Doors for Wall Installation

Wide Variety of Pet Doors For Any Type Of Wall Install

Wall Mounted pet doors are the most insulating, and secure way, to mount a dog door or cat door. All wall mounted pet doors will include an interior security panel that allow you to lock the pet door. Some wall entry pet doors, like the Maxseal PRO, can come with additional Exterior Security Panel that can be pad locked for added security panel. Most brands available have a locking pet door. 
When measuring for a through wall dog door, or a door mount dog door There are a couple measurements to keep in mind: 
* Pet Opening/Flap Size: This is the opening your pet will passthrough to go inside or outside. Measured by the visible width and height of the flap, in inches. You will want enough clearance on all sides to go comfortably through the wall. The Golden Rule for measuring for a pet door is: The top of the opening should be 2 inches above the pets shoulder and the bottom of the door should be at least an inch below the pet's elbow. 
* Step Over Rise: This is the distance from the bottom of the Pet Opening to the ground. This very important when looking for a small pet door. The distance of the Step Over Rise should be shorter than the length of your pets elbow to the ground. 
* Rough Cut: This is the actual hole in the wall that you will cut. Not this will always be slightly larger than the pet opening If you wish to test the opening you can cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and place it in an open doorway. This mock pet door will give you an idea of what to expect once it is installed.

Installers have different opinions about the ease of mounting dog doors on walls versus doors. While it is true that taking off a door and placing it on a workbench seems easier, Moore Pet Supplies keeps an updated database of skilled contractors who specialize in installing our doors for dogs on just about any wall.

Learn More About Pet Doors From Moore Pet Supply Experts

At Moore Pet Supplies, we offer a wide variety of pet entry systems. In the dog door category, we have more than 20 models that can be mounted on walls. If you have questions about the kind of pet doors that will provide a better fit for your household, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer a range of gates, feeders, beds, electronics, ramp steps, and other items to improve the lives of your animal companions. Let's simplify wall entry for your pets.