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Dog Doors For Walls

Widest Variety of Pet Doors Installed Through Walls

Choosing the Best Door Dog to Mount on Your Wall

The truth about doggie doors is that they can be installed just about anywhere in your home; the exact location will have to work for both pets and human residents, and the factors to consider include the size of the canine, regional climate, and behavioral patterns.

With regard to the door dog dimensions, there are three measurements to keep in mind:

* Flap: This is the only moving element of pet entry systems, and it usually features a swivel mechanism.

* Step Over: This is the clearance from the ground level to the bottom of the flap.

* Door Width: When a human door is partially open, the distance from the edge to the frame will determine how wide the pet door can be.

The minimum height of the pet door should be the neck of your canine when it stands up straight on four legs. The flap should be at least one inch taller than the previous measurement, and the width can be determined by the aforementioned gap between a door and its frame. As for the step over, it should be less than a third of the dog?s height.

Once you have taken all measurements, the next step is to draw the outline on a piece of cardboard, preferably with a working flap for your dog to become familiar with. This mock pet door will give you an idea of what to expect once it is installed.

Wall Mount Pet Doors

Pet doors that are installed on existing doors for humans will need a step over to be installed at least three inches from the bottom, but this is not necessarily the case with wall mount pet doors. What is important to note, however, is that many walls will require a double flap system according to their width and insulation.

Dog Door For Wall Installation

Installers have different opinions about the ease of mounting dog doors on walls versus doors. While it is true that taking off a door and placing it on a workbench seems easier, Moore Pet Supplies keeps an updated database of skilled contractors who specialize in installing our doors for dogs on just about any wall.

Learn More About Pet Doors From Moore Pet Supply Experts

At Moore Pet Supplies, we offer a wide variety of pet entry systems. In the dog door category, we have more than 20 models that can be mounted on walls, and all of them feature free shipping for the convenience of our customers.
If you have questions about the kind of pet doors that will provide a better fit for your household, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer a range of gates, feeders, beds, electronics, ramp steps, and other items to improve the lives of your animal companions. Let?s simplify wall entry for your pets.