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General Door Install Guide

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Installing Pet Doors into Doors

General Door Mounted Instructions

Installing pet entry system for the canine or felines in your family will bring benefits not only for your companion animals but also for yourself. Pet doors have been proven to boost the confidence of pets because they increase their mobility, thus reducing stress levels and allowing them to improve the quality of life. At Moore Pet Supplies, we offer a great range of pet doors for just about any application; you can install them on walls or existing doors made of various materials, and we carry models with various mechanisms such as flaps, sliding panels, saloon doors, and guillotine-style gates for kennels. Dog Door installation into a panel or irregular surface door

Installing A Dog Door Into A Metal Door

Installing a pet door into any door basically follows the same procedure regardless of what type of door you might have. The one difference is that you will use a jigsaw blade made for metal when cutting a metal or insulated door, and a wood blade for a wood door. For fiber-glass doors, you should select a fine tooth blade so that you can achieve a fine cut. Moore Pet Supplies offers an assorted blade kit along with an inexpensive jigsaw if you do not have the right tools handy. We also have product specific instructions for each of our pet doors throughout the site. If you need any assistance or guidance, please give us a call, we would be more than happy to assist you.

When installing a pet door into your door you will want to pay particular attention to the placement of the pet door so that it is positioned correctly; after all, you want to adequately fit the pet or pets that will be using it.

Dog Door installation into a flat surface door

Installing A Pet Door In A Panel Door

Often customers will want to try to fit the frame of a pet door within a panel or design on the door. When you try to do this, very often the pet door is no longer situated correctly for the pet to use safely. We strongly recommend that you size your pet door not only to fit your dog now but also for the future as they become older and less mobile.

As you can see from these images, customers have the best luck when installing a pet door in the center of the door, regardless of any panel design or irregular surface. A rule of thumb is to keep any cut in your door a minimum of 2 inches away from the bottom edge of the door. You will not want to compromise the strength of the door. Position the pet door so that optimally you have 1.5 to 2 inches for the pet opening to clear the tallest pet's shoulders. This is important as they will run through the pet opening as they become used to it and you will want to have them avoid

hitting their back or even worse crouching down when navigating the opening.

When installing a pet door into a panel surface door, you will need to caulk around the perimeter of the frame to fill in any gaps. If you use a silicone based caulk it will remain pliable for many years. Other outdoor caulking materials can dry and crack especially if in direct sunlight. If your door requires you to remove the frame later on to replace the flaps, silicone caulk can easily be removed with a putty knife and then reapplied after you install your replacement flaps. We recommend a fine bead of caulk around the external frame of the pet door on flat surface doors as well.


Pet Door Installation Kits

The tools you will use for installing a pet door are pretty basic. We find that a majority of our customers have no problem with the installation themselves. Moore Pet Supplies offers listings by state of pet door installers that you can contact if you are not comfortable with the task. These installers are not affiliated with Moore Pet Supplies, we only offer their contact information as a convenience to our customers. If you are going the route of hiring an installer, give us a call and get the dog door of your choosing. This way you have a product that will work adequately for your pets and also meet your personal criteria for performance. If your installer has any question during the install process, please have them give us a call and we can assist, we are open 7 days a week.

Moore Pet Supplies offers two installation kits that will provide you with all the necessary items you may need to install a pet door into a door. With ourBasic Install Kit we assume you have the tools for the job, if not, then our Deluxe Install Kit will provide just about everything you need. We have purposefully keep these install kits priced very conservatively as a service for our customers, we think you will agree you will not find better prices anywhere!

Interior Dog Door Installation

Although cats are more likely to use interior doors that connect living spaces within your home, some canine breeds will require greater mobility, and this is when you should provide them with entry systems that allow them to slip between rooms. Since interior doors do not require insulation or weather stripping, they often feature cleaner lines so that they do not disrupt the interior design of your home.

Exterior Dog Door Installation

Whereas many of our customers are able to take care of interior pet door installation on their own, quite a few prefer professional assistance for exterior pet door systems, particularly if they need to install weather-resistant doors. In the case of pet doors that are mounted on wall sections, they are ideal for pets that need to go in and out of specific parts of your property; for example, a dog that enjoys running around in a fenced yard most of the day. The greatest concern when installing exterior pet doors is maintaining the integrity of the vertical structure. you do not want to compromise energy efficiency and insulation when installing pet doors that lead to the outside of your property.

Learn More About Pet Door Installations

Moore Pet Supplies is one of the oldest e-commerce providers of pet door solutions; we have been in business since online retail operations started in the mid-1990s. Should you have any questions about our products or the ordering process, please feel free to contact our office. We also maintain a database of contractorsfrom around the country who can help you with more challenging installations on concrete walls, glass panels, and entire door replacements.


Basic Install Kit for Doors ;Deluxe Install Kit for Doors


We encourage customers to call us with any questions or concerns. Our Customer Service Team can provide any information from product details and sizing requirements to installation guidance 1-800-829-7876.

Note about images above: The images used for illustration above feature the
High Performance MaxSeal Door Mounted Pet Door by Security Boss.