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Window- Mounted Pet Doors

Pet doors installed into windows can be one of the easiest ways to allow your pet access to your front or backyard. Window inserts are available for Sash Windows (Open up & down) and Side Sliding Windows (Side sliding). Moore Pet has the largest variety of window pet door options for both cats and dogs from electronic doors for cats and small dogs to flexible flap models for the extra-large dogs. These window pet doors are designed to rest in the track that your window glides.


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Cat Doors For Windows

By putting a cat door in your windows, you won?t have to worry about your cat any longer having ready access to the outside. Best of all, there are a number of things that would come with the kit. While you might be worried about assembly, you?ll get everything you need right in the package. Additional weatherstripping is easily found at local hardware stores.

Consider the SB Sash Window Insert. It is designed for maximum security with an additional panel and lock. The insert has tempered safety glass and a vinyl flap for your pets.

Even if you?re not much of a do-it-yourself installer type, you should have no trouble with this procedure. In fact, you might even want to put special consideration in for sliding window cat doors that might offer the best fit for your particular feline friends.

Sliding Window Cat Doors

Felines always crave independence, and that?s probably one of their most endearing qualities. People probably love cats so much because they?re always out there doing their own thing. That being said, you?ll probably not want to have to open the door every single time your cat wants out.

Consider installing a sliding window cat door near where your windows were to meet your backdoor, especially if you have a fenced-in area. Check any relevant local regulations and then let your cat go out as he or she pleases.

One choice is the Ideal Flexible Side Sliding Window. It includes a pin lock with each purchase to lock your window in place when closed to the insert and weatherstripping to seal any gaps. The quick and easy installation ensures you have convenience.

Cats won?t require any help with opening or shutting the door either. More than likely, you?re more used to dogs doing this with a door that?s fitted into another structure, which is generally a door designed for human entry and exit. That being said a cat could learn to use one.

In fact, the adjustment period between getting used to it could potentially be much faster than it would have otherwise been with dog training. That might help to make this an even more attractive option for those who keep cats that might be dealing with having to constantly let their animals in and out all of the time.

Finding Cat Doors That Fit Your Windows At Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pet Supplies wants to provide the ideal pet products for any household. Customer journeys often aren?t all that fun, and you might not want to look far and wide for the kind of equipment that would best fit your particular home.

If you would like any assistance, then please use the online contact form on our site and get in touch with us. We?d be more than happy to put you in touch with our pet door experts. They?ll be able to find everything you?re looking for at a price that fits your budget.

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