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  • Leather Muzzle

    Leather Muzzle

    Leather Muzzle Lightweight Durable Muzzle | For Training, Traveling, Patrolling, Guarding, etc Lightweight, yet extremely durable, the Leathe…

  • Protector Muzzle

    Protector Muzzle

    Protector Muzzle Protects Dogs from Overheating | Well Ventilated Agitation Muzzle One of the most well ventilated muzzles on the market, the Pro…

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  • Wide Padded Muzzle

    Wide Padded Muzzle

    Wide Padded Muzzle Most Spacious Padded Wire-Basket Muzzle | Allows Dogs to Open Mouth 2 - 3" One of the widest padded wire basket muzzles on th…

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  • Pinnacle Muzzle

    Pinnacle Muzzle

    Pinnacle Muzzle Leather | Padded Nose | Good Ventilation With its reinforced leather covered steel bar, the Pinnacle Muzzle is highly recommended for…

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  • Ventilated Leather Muzzle

    Ventilated Leather Muzzle

    Ventilated Leather Muzzle Multiple Holes for Ample Ventilation | Leather Covered Steel Bar Designed to withstand the stress of large K9 training,…

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  • Original K9 Muzzle

    Original K9 Muzzle

    Original K9 Muzzle Reinforced Steel Bar for Agitation Training | Durable Sturdy Leather Constructed of durable sturdy leather with a reinforced …

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  • Pioneer Muzzle

    Pioneer Muzzle

    Pioneer Muzzle Excellent Ventilation | Solid Leather With Two Adjustable Straps Crafted with solid leather pieces that are uncovered around the nose,…

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