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Patio Pet Door FAQs

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Patio Pet Door FAQs | Sliding Glass Pet Door

Frequently asked questions regarding sliding glass pet doors

Why would I select a dual pane versus single pane insert?

. We typically ask out customers about the manner in which they plan on using their sliding door opening, once a patio pet door is installed. Most do not recognize that a significant amount of space is lost once an insert is in place. Usually, sliding patio doors are approximately 3-3.5 feet wide. This is by far the average for most folks. A good rule rule of thumb is that you can add approx. 4 inches to the width of the pet opening you need to arrive at an overall patio panel width. This is the amount of space you will lose once the insert is in place.

We recommend that if you use the sliding glass door opening to go outside frequently, to consider a temporary install type Patio Pet Door. If you have on average a 36 inch opening, and need a pet opening for your dog that is 10 1/2 inches wide; you can figure on that insert being 14 1/2 inches wide overall. This means that your left-over space to be able to use your sliders is 21 1/2 inches, less than 2 feet wide. This can be quite irritating. By choosing a temporary install type patio pet door, you can easily remove and set aside the insert whenever you will be using the sliding door opening with frequency. It is also handy when you will be gone for a weekend or on vacation, once again, simply loosen thumbscrews and set to the side. You do not have to worry about a security threat as a result of the patio pet door. We have found over the years that a large majority of our customers prefer a single pane, lightweight, temporary install type patio pet door over the dual pane permanent-install variety.

I live in a Very Hot or Cold Climate - Do I need a Dual Pane Patio Pet Door?

We recommend the dual pane inserts for customers who know ahead of time that they will have less room when using their sliding glass doors. Some customers want a patio insert that is installed permanently, as they know that they will never take it out. If you fit the above criteria and you live in a location that energy efficiency is a concern, then a dual pane unit is ideal for you. There a few things to keep in mind. Currently, all dual pane patio pet doors on the market require a permanent installation with included hardware. You will need to affix the patio pet door to the tracking of your currently sliding door. Screws and various hardware attachments are included depending on the model you select. Sometimes customers with vinyl sliding doors are hesitant to screw holes into the sliding door tracks.

Many customers who live in harsher climates still elect to use the lighter weight, single pane glass models as they can easily remove them and set to the side if the weather is severely hot or cold. Typically under these harsher conditions, pets will elect to stay indoors if given a choice.

Please Note: We do not recommend that you use a permanent install-type insert unless you are willing to use the included hardware to properly affix in your opening.

Should I Consider an Electric Pet Door Option?

In general, customers with dogs tend to have little problem with animals near the pet door. Dogs for the most part are active and keen to even the occasional squirrel that might be in the area. Cat owners may be an exception. If you live in a wooden or remote area that may harbor inquisitive animals, you may want to take a look at our electronic patio pet door models. Other types of occasional animals such as mice, bugs or critters unique to desert conditions can be deterred by a good quality flap in the pet door. Maintaining the flap every couple of years goes a long way to keeping a good seal. It will also keep the cold-hot air outside as well.

Tricks to getting your Patio Pet to Fit in the Opening

it happens that customers place an order for a patio panel only to find that after measuring their opening with attention to detail, the panel is to long to fit into the opening. Here is a little trick that works if your panel is just barely too tall. Stand outside with the panel and put into the channel of the sliding door, top first. Lift upward as far as you can and move the bottom portion in line with the track at the bottom. This works many times as the side of the channel on the floor is lower on the exterior side.

If the panel is still too tall, you can trim the top if it is an aluminum frame patio pet door. The very top section is typically the shape of an 'H' when viewed from the side. You can trim a section (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch) by using a hacksaw. This sounds more difficult than it really is. Ly the panel horizontally, supported off the ground on a secure surface and simply cut the needed amount. The aluminum is soft and easy to cut. Most models have segmented lines running horizontally that can be used as guides when cutting. in the remote possible scenario that you bugger up the top section, don't worry, you can order the top section from us. Going this route to alter your panel often is less frustrating that returning the entire panel, incurring shipping costs and reordering another unit. If you have questions or would like us to walk you through the process, please call.