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Ideal Replacement Flaps

Authorized Ideal Pet Products Retailer

Ideal Pet Door Replacement Flaps

At Moore Pet Supplies, we take pride in offering pet owners products made by renowned brands and respectable manufacturers. Ideal Pet Products is an American company that has been in business since 1979; its commitment to quality is clearly reflected in products such as the Eyenimal Automatic Pet Feeder, the Pet Vision Cam, and the Ruff Weather pet entry systems. Dog doors manufactured by Ideal Pet Products are built to last several years, but you may need to replace the flaps from time to time.

Ideal Pet Door Replacement Flaps

Here are some of the Ideal Pet Products flaps you can find in our catalog:

Ruff Weather Extra-Large Flaps

These replacement flaps are very popular among owners of larger breeds who have installed the Ideal Pet Products Ruff line of doors. In the case of dual-flap systems, the interior and exterior flaps are identical.

AirSeal and DraftStopper Flaps

These are air seal and draft stopper flaps with air chambers that provide maximum insulation and energy efficiency. The flaps include flexible rubber gaskets.

Ideal Products For Your Dog Door

In addition to replacement flaps for doors made by Ideal Pet Products, we also offer popular entry systems such as the Ideal Pet Passage Screen Door, which is perfect for cats and smaller canine breeds.

Plastic Pet Door Insert Replacement

If you have PetSafe plastic doors installed in your home, you can search our catalog for replacement parts that will fit the inserts. PetSafe plastic doors have the advantage of being very flexible in terms of installation, so you will be able to fit them on storm doors, walls, and porches.

How to Replace Flaps

Ideal Original Flaps
Ideal Deluxe Flaps
Flap Replacement Sequence
Flap Replacement Sequence
Ideal Ruff Weather Flaps
Ideal DraftStopper Flaps
Flap Replacement Sequence
Flap Replacement Sequence
Ideal 900 Series Flaps
Flap Replacement Sequence
Flaps - Corresponding Models

Ideal Original:: Original Plastic Frame Door Models, FastFit Patio Inserts, Flexible Flap Sash & Side Slide Window Inserts
Ideal Deluxe: Deluxe Aluminum Frame Door Models
Ideal Ruff Weather: Ruff Weather Door & Wall Models
Ideal Draftstopper: Draftstopper & Ultraflex Doors, VIP Patio Insert
Ideal 900 Series: 900 Series Doors & Patio Inserts, Insulator Door & Wall Models

How to Maintain Pet Door Flaps

Almost no pet door flap is going to last forever. Flaps are usually made of flexible vinyl, hard plastic or hard lexan. In some special cases you might have metal flaps as well. The follow information goes over on how to maintain your flaps so you get optimal use out of them.

Ideal Flap Sizing

Possibly the biggest preventive measure is available to you as you are deciding to purchase the pet door initially. An incorrect size will cause undue wear of the flaps and cause them to need replacement much more often than flaps on a properly sized pet door.

With feline pets, flap sizing does not matter much because of their amazing flexibility. With dogs, however, doors with flap mechanisms can get worn out prematurely if they are too small. The problem with flaps that are uncomfortably small for canines is that they end up pinching the upper portion of the mechanism, which means that you are likely to end up replacing flaps often. To ensure you purchase the right flap size for your dog, you have to measure your pets' height from the ground to the shoulders and add two inches for comfort.

Golden Rule When Sizing a Pet Door

Select a pet door that when installed will clear the shoulders of the tallest dog by 1.5 to 2". The bottom of the pet opening should be low enough to the ground to allow easy step over navigation, even as the dog ages.

If a pet door is too small, then the dog is likely to pinch the flaps at thee top when they use the door, this causes undue stress at that point on the flap, and will result in you replacing flaps with greater frequency.

Keep Flaps Clean

Clean the flaps regularly. If you're able too totally remove the flaps every few months and simply clean the flaps with warm soapy water and try them. This in turn let's you inspect the flap far more closely where you're able to make out possibly tears or cuts into the flap. The earlier you can detect this damage, the more prepare you will be on replacing the flap. The last thing you want is for the flap to rip out of the door and you have to wait several days to get a new flap.

Tighten flap Connection Screws

Check how secure the flap is regularly. At times preventing a flap from failing is as simply as making sure it's attached securely. If you have multiple pets or even a pet that uses the door aggressively sometimes screws can be become loose. This will cause the flap to shift in-between the frame of the pet door and the screw with repeated use. Then eventually because of this shifting the flap will simply rip out and fail near that loose screw or screws. A good guideline is to check the connection points of your dog door flap once a month.

Overall Performance Check

Most importantly, don't forget about the dog door. Generally just checking the condition of the door once a month will extend the life of it. That way you can detect damage early and decide on what course of action to take. If you neglect the door like anything else someone or a pet uses, it will eventually stop working.

Learn More About Pet Door Flap Replacements

Moore Pet Supplies is an established e-commerce business that has been active since the mid-1990s. We carry replacement parts for many pet door systems equipped with flap mechanisms. Please contact us with any questions related to flaps, parts, or installation. We can also provide you with contact information of local installers who can help with complex installations.