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Draftstopper/AirSeal Extra Large Replacement Flap

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DraftStopper/AirSeal Extra Large Replacement Flap

Replacements for Draftstopper | UltraFlex/AirSeal | VIP Patio Doors

As measured in pet door: 10 1/4"w x 15 3/4"h
Segmented sections held by flexible rubber gasket

The DraftStopper/AirSeal Replacement Flap is segmented flap with with 3 individual panels. These "panels" are made of polycarbonate, sometimes marketed under the name brand of Lexan. Each panel has an air chamber that provides superior insulation. These segments are connected by a rubber gasket material to allow flexibility.

How to Replace the DraftStopper/AirSeal Flaps

Flap Replacement Sequence

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DraftStopper Doors
Ultra Flex Doors
AirSeal Doors
VIP Patio Inserts
Extra Large
10 1/4 "w x 15 3/4"h

Authorized Ideal Pet Products Retailer

Extra large Sized Flap measure approx. (10 1/4"w x 15 3/4"h) Flap has 3 segmented sections Flap connects by central horizontal pin that hinges the flap
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Ideal Draftstopper Replacement Flap
Extra Large 10 1/4 x 15 3/4"