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Sliding Glass Dog Door Insert for Patio Doors

Patio Dog Door Inserts for Sliding Patio Doors

Pet doors are a very convenient way of allowing your pet access to the yard without leaving your door open for them, the only inconvenient part is having to cut a hole in the side of your house to install their doggie door. luckily Security Boss has just what you are looking for, a professional hand crafted aluminum patio pet door that installs onto the track your patio door slides on and is built to stand the test of time.

One of our very popular summer time products is a dog door that installs into your patio slider door. This consists of a large all aluminum frame that fits onto the track that your door slides on and at the bottom of that frame is your selected size of pet door, allowing you to let your pet in and out when they want while still being able to operate the sliding door as usual.

Security Boss is the best option on the market for patio pet doors, not only can we help you measure your patio door and your pet to ensure you get the right size, but we are also confident that your patio cat door will last a long time with its rigid aluminum construction. All you need to do is attach the dog door insert frame onto the same track that your sliding patio pet door is on and you are ready to give Fido the gift of freedom. Security Boss’s specialized design allows for snap on extensions to increase overall patio insert height. Locking tightly in place, each extension adds 2 inches to the insert. Two extensions create a total adjustment range of 7.25 inches. Best of all is how easy they are to install, with nothing but your bare hands and some determination you can snap everything together in a matter of minutes.

To control your pet’s access to the yard all you need to do is slide the included security panel into the channel the interior side of your patio door and lock it into place, depending on the product you choose your security panel will either be made of a solid piece of HDPE plastic for the standard models, or for Maxseal products they will be made from layers of alumicore and plastic that are completely intruder proof.

How to Measure Guides
[photo] How to Measure for a patio Pet Door
Special Note : Some sites say you MUST use a Vinyl Insert with Vinyl Sliders. This is INCORRECT. As long as the center rail in the channel on the floor is 1/4" or less as you look down on it, any of our models will work.
If you have any questions or concerns about what size pet door your dog or cat needs or anything else just give us a call at 800-829-7876 and our friendly customer service team will help you as best as they can.