Pet Doors for Porches, Lanais and Screen Enclosures

Models Most often Installed into Porches

Ideal Deluxe installed in a porch Magnador used in a porch Installing a pet door into a porch is very common for many pet owners. There are a wide variety of porches from 4-seasons rooms, screened enclosures, lanais, etc. In order to make things easier we break porches down into two distinct groups, Framed in Porches (screened porches, and aluminum lanais, things of that nature) and Solid Wall Porches like you would find in a 4-season.

Framed in Porches

Framed in Porches usually have wooden supports or an aluminum structure that has screen or glass. Pet doors are typically installed into an opening that is framed out for the pet door. This is most often done beside a support beam or post to provide stability to the pet door. This can be a very easy application if the pet door you have selected is rated to fit that support beams thickness as your framing, for example if you use 2x4 construction make sure you have a pet door that fits a 2 thickness.

Solid Wall Porches

Solid Wall Porches tend have thinner than normal walls. It will be a good idea to know how thick your wall or knee wall is. Sometimes a door mount can fit up to a 2 inch wall but in most cases the porch walls are too thick and a conventional wall mount would be needed as it would provide a better fit. Please pay very close attention to the wall thickness range of the pet door you select, as sometimes these wall mount kits will fit a minimum thickness as well as a maximum.