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Extra Large Dog Doors

We have all of the extra-large, giant breed dog doors for your bigger pets. Browse our wide selection to find which is best for your household. You don't have to worry about them getting stuck or straining their limbs to go inside or outside.

Dog Doors For Large Dogs

Custom Made for Danes & Mastiffs Custom Door for 260lb. Mastiff

Extra-large and giant breed dog doors are not as common as the smaller sizes. That can prove a problem for your Great Dane, Doberman or Deerhound. For those customers who have giant breed or even extra-large dogs, you know how important it is for an adequately sized pet opening.

Our larger friends tend to get arthritis and hip ailments more easily, not to mention aggravating injuries that can become more serious. A dog door that is large enough to provide enough room to navigate freely through the opening minimizes injuries and provides your dog freedom even in their later years.

You will want a dog door that when installed will be mounted high enough that the top of the opening will be 1.5 to 2″ higher than your dog?s back. The bottom of the pet opening should be low enough to the ground so that they can easily step through without dragging their legs or having to step too high. You can ascertain that by measuring your dog?s height and weight from shoulders to feet.

If the pet opening is not adequate enough for their size, then you will run the risk of your dog incurring injuries as they use the small opening. These injuries tend to develop into larger problems, especially among the larger breed dogs.

Weather Proof Giant Dog Doors

Weatherproof doors are a great choice for owners that prioritize efficiency. Save on heat and electric bills when you use them. If you live in an area that is prone to rain or snow, then you don?t want a dog door that lets in the cold or wet elements.

Try out the MaxSeal Patio Pet Door Insert when you have a screened area for your pets. This is meant for sliding glass doors so as to aim for maximum insulation, with a thermo dual-pane installed. Easily remove and insert with small amounts of assembly. Lock at your convenience, and take advantage of the seal to avoid heavy rain or sleet.

Our most popular patio model is the Giant Breed Patio Pet Door. Four elevation options mean that you have flexibility in choosing the right one for your big or super-large dog. Adjust for their mobility and size.

Large Electronic Dog Doors

Electronic dog doors are a great choice for when you want to keep out common pests. These can include raccoons, mice, rats, opossums, and squirrels. Such unwanted visitors can cause stress to your pet as well as the people in the house. You can implement tags in your dog?s collar so that only they can open the door.

We love Solo Automatic Pet Doors for this particular occasion, certified raccoon-proof and built to last. You can customize the size of the door in question so that any breed can use them, with magnetic collars which are easy to replace. The door slides upwards and slowly lowers to avoid any injury to the user. Choose if you want to mount it on the wall or door, in any part of the house.

PetSafe Dog Doors

PetSafe is a reliable brand that lives up to its name. They want to provide durability and security for their customers, whether the latter are large dogs, determined cats, or loving humans.

We can always recommend the PetSafe Security Boss Dual Pane Patio Pet Door for when you want to keep your cat inside but allow your dog to go out and play. No tools or hardware are required for assembly, which makes the door easy to insert or remove. Dogs simply need to use a collar tag to enter or leave, and it will keep your house free of raccoons and other rodents.

Wall Mount Dog Doors

Wall-mounted dog doors are a way to add flexibility to your household. You can add one to any room in the house and add ramps to help elderly canines. A wall-mount also limits access to certain areas, so you can keep your pet from entering a cat?s room or spaces that belong to the neighbors.

The MaxSeal PRO Pet Door for Walls is made for security and durability. Hinges lengthen the lifespan of the vinyl flaps. The aluminum frame protects against rust as well.

Find The Perfect Doggy Door At Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pets Supplies wants to provide the doors, fences and pet products that no other store has. When your big dog needs extra care to give them a happy life, we can provide it. Our goal is to ensure every animal in your household is comfortable.
Contact us today to place an order or to ask about our different-sized doors. We?ll be very happy to upgrade your house with canine convenience.