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Dog Kennel Supplies

Seasoned and successful kennel operators will tell you that it takes more than just a sheer love for animals to make it in this business. It does not matter if the kennel is operated on a residential, commercial, charitable, or occasional basis: You will always need to have the right infrastructure, equipment, business plan, and supplies to keep things running smoothly. Even though pet owners are the ones paying for your services, the actual clients are the animals staying at your kennel; keep this in mind when shopping for supplies.

Dog Kennel Supplies and Equipment from Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pet Supplies keeps a full line of products designed to make the lives of kennel operators easier. Here are some of the most popular items within our catalog of kennel supplies:

Bergan Pet Food Dispenser

This wall-mounted storage unit holds up to 40 pounds of dry dog food. A dispensing handle at the bottom of the box lets you dispense the right portion into bowls without making a mess. As you know, floor space is crucial when you are operating a smaller kennel; by mounting this dispenser on the wall, you will effectively free up space that can be taken up by the canines under your care.

Bite Guards for Cables

The problem with some guillotine-style kennel doors is that their mechanisms leave pulley cables exposed, thus making them an easy target for dogs that love a chewing challenge. Kennel operators have two options in this regard: installing side panels or using cable bite guards that run across the guillotine door all the way to the side rails. The latter option is not only more affordable but in many cases easier to implement.

Bergan Automatic Water Dispenser for Outdoor Use

With the Auto-Wata system, all you need to do is connect a garden hose in order to provide fresh drinking water at all times. Once this dispenser is attached to the wall, you do not have to worry about refilling water bowls, and you will also be able to keep spills to a minimum.

Poly Pet Heat Mat by Kane Manufacturing

In kennels where climate control is not possible, your best bet is to provide dogs with heated mats to keep them warm and cozy when temperatures drop. The Poly Pet heated mat includes a rheostat so that kennel operators can set the ideal temperature; this is the kind of mat used at many veterinary clinics. The polyethylene material of this mat makes it durable and easy to clean.

Need More Information About Dog Kennel Supplies?

Not many online pet supplies stores can boast about having been around since the early days of e-commerce. At Moore Pet Supplies, we take pride in having started out with internet retail only a couple of years after Amazon launched. We can certainly credit our dedication to customer service as keeping us around this long, so we invite you to contact our office should you have any questions about our kennel supplies catalog. We offer free shipping with every order.