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Cat Perches

Cat Window Perch | Cat Furniture | Cat Stand

Cat Perch Basic Information

Some pet owners don't have the space to incorporate large extravagant cat trees for their cat. Let's face it, some models are huge. However there are still products that are made which can give you the simplistic design and use of a cat thee. A cat perch is exactly how it sounds. It's a perch designed to give your cat a bird's eye view of their surrounds. Cats have a natural tendency to climb structures. This is why cats like to climb into trees. Although going down is harder than going up.


Most cat perches are designed to be installed or attach to window sill areas. This gives the cat usually a bird's eye view of the outside area around the home and makes them feel safe and comfortable because they always know what's going on outside. Some cats even like to interact with other animals such as birds are squirrels.

Moore Pet Wall Walk Steps

Wall Steps

Wall Steps or platforms are a great way to expand a cats living space, especially if you are living in a smaller space. The Moore Pet Wall Walks are a great product that can be purchased to customize the area you have. They are great products if you only use one or two...or several to create a cats playground...and it takes no floor space!

Seat Perches:

A second design to cat perches are ones featured as floor models that raise the cat off the ground. These perches are usually a little higher in quality compared to the window versions because the units need to be sturdy to set upright. Also they fit into the "furniture" aspect of home decor as well. Some models even feature two perches to accommodate multiple cats.


Both types of perches feature a pretty simple design. Some perches feature orthopedic foaming and a simple simulated sheepskin cover to give it durability and texture. Also the covers are removable making for easy cleaning keeping it looking like new. Many window seal units can be moved from window to window and don't require a permanent install. This gives you flexibility on where you want to put the perch and when. This becomes helpful in the season changes if you want the cat facing a certain side of the house during the day in the winter versus possibly the summer.