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For Cats

Products For Cats

Cats are known for being finicky animals, so you’ll want to make sure yours are outfitted with something that’s going to make them happy. Cat products from Moore Pet Supplies have all been specially selected to give your feline friends the kind of things that they like the most.

Essential Cat Products

Most cat owners will want to start out will all of the essentials. You’ll need a cat tree to give your cat a place to explore and play as well as a drinking fountain to help them stay properly hydrated. Once you’ve got these essentials down, you’ll be in a better position to invest in some more unusual things to keep your cat occupied.

Cool & Unique Cat Products

Pet supply designers always seem to be coming up with something new, such as the PetSafe 4-way locking cat flap. This gadget can be mounted on doors with a removal tunnel to give cats the freedom of access to and from the great outdoors. They’ve also promoted some novel ideas, such as the self-warming kitty sack to keep your animal warm on cooler days.

Some cats will enjoy playing with a sack-like this while others will want to cozy up inside of it. When they do, it reflects their own body heat back at them so they can stay warm regardless of the ambient room temperature. It’s made with genuine Micro fleece, which is a special type of polyester fleece that’s designed especially for pets.

Very particular animals might have more discerning tastes than this, however, so you’ll also need to look into luxury cat products.

Indoor Luxury Cat Supplies

Our feline friends are sometimes even more particular than usual, which is why designers have taken to adding additional layers of fleeces and padding to almost every conceivable type of cat product. While they might still be capacious at times, you can be sure that your favorite ball of fur will love the plush treatments. Special washroom end tables and other pieces of freestanding furniture have come on the market as well, so you might end up saying that your cat is getting treated better than even you are!

Smart Cat Products

SMART CAT is a creative brand that’s known for famous products like the Ultimate Scratching Post, which has become a go-to pick for those who really have trouble finding their cats a way to keep their claws occupied. It gives cats the freedom to get a full stretch while they’re scratching.

They’ve also brought several other big items to market. For instance, Peek-a-Prize toy box owners seldom have to worry about their pets not being occupied. These smart gadgets bring out your cat’s instinctual desire to look into small places and encourage your cat to explore for toys and treats. Pet owners can change out the materials inside on a regular basis to keep everything fresh.

For these and other big cat products, contact Moore Pet Supplies online and get in touch with our helpful service team.