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  • Midwest iCrate SINGLE DOOR

    Midwest iCrate SINGLE DOOR

    iCrate Single Door Dog Kennel (1500 Series) This Product is Currently on Back Order Until Further Notice The iCrate Single Door Dog Kennel is an econ…

    $35.98 - $99.98
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  • Mobile Pet Pen 940

    Mobile Pet Pen 940

    Mobile Pet Pen 940 Integrated Pet Door | Easy Access The Mobile Pet Pen 940 is a beautifully crafted mobile pet pen with high end appeal and safety fe…

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  • Midwest iCrate DOUBLE DOOR

    Midwest iCrate DOUBLE DOOR

    iCrate Double Door Dog Kennel | Midwest Dog Crates 1500 Series This Product is Currently on Back Order Until Further Notice The iCrate Double Door Do…

    $39.98 - $127.85
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  • Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate

    Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate

    Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate This Product is Currently on Back Order   The Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate from Merry Products is an extremely ver…

  • KatKabin DezRez

    KatKabin DezRez

    KatKabin DezRezThe Desirable Residence Give your cat the freedom he deserves with the KatKabin DezRez outdoor cat house. You'll no longer have to worr…

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  • Cat Washroom End Table

    Cat Washroom End Table

    Cat Washroom End Table The Cat Washroom End Table is not just for cats, but small dogs as well is a unique, trendy product designed to hide unsightly …

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Dog Crates and Kennels

While you might be surprised to learn this, pet crates and kennels can actually be effective tools that do far more than just contain a pet. Rather than making your dog feel restricted, a good crate or kennel offers domesticated animals a chance to live in something that’s like the den they would have lived in back when they were still wild. Housebreaking pets can even be a faster process when using a crate, though you have to make sure the one you get is the right size for your animal.

Custom Dog Kennels

Height and length are the most important considerations when investing in a dog crate. Custom dog kennels are made especially for your animal’s specifications. They’re made to match the height from their front feet to the top of their head as well as the length from nose to tail. Dogs with thicker tails sometimes need extra space to make sure that they don’t feel confined, so those who order a custom kennel will want to keep this in mind.

Fortunately, there are countless pre-built options on the market that should work every bit as well for those who want to make sure that their dogs are receiving the best possible treatment.

Wire Pet Crates

At one point, your options were rather limited when it came to dog crates. Pet supply companies have created a number of different ones that should solve the needs of almost every pet owner, however. Double door dog crates, for instance, are made from professional steel and come with a pan that makes it easy to keep them clean.

Crate beds can help to convert existing wire crates into more comfortable locations for your animal.

Metal Dog Crates and Boxes

Just like crates, metal boxes and pet carriers have evolved quite a bit from their humble beginnings. You’ll now be able to find 4-panel pet gates that almost barely resemble the metal dog crates or boxes of old. You can also find options that are made partially from wood and partially from metal.

Traditional single compartment dog boxes have become increasingly sophisticated in their own right. These are designed for those who have working dogs and need to make sure that they get them to a site in a way that’s safe and healthy for both the animals and any spectators who might around them.

Dog Crate Sizing

In general, crates should be around 2-4 inches taller than your dog. They should also be 2-4 inches longer than your dog is, nose to tail. Bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better, though you do want your dog to have at least some room to feel comfortable. Owners of dogs with healthy-sized tails might want to add an inch or two in each direction to help them feel at least relatively free. Too much room can hurt your chances of proper crate training, however.

For more information on properly selecting and sizing a dog crate, make sure to contact Moore Pet Supply online.