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Tall Pet Gates

What pet doesn’t like to jump at least a little bit? No matter what kind of animal you have, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually run into at least some degree of jumping activity. It’s just normal, and it’s even healthy to at least some extent because it can be an excellent way for different pets to blow off some steam and burn just a little bit of that pent up energy off.

That being said, you’ll need to make sure that there’s something in place for them to stay safe if they have a habit of doing so. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you’re going to want to put up some tall pet gates so you can be sure that your pet is safe and secure no matter what happens. A sufficiently tall gate will help to reduce the risk of a pet bounding over a big area or getting into someplace that you don’t want them to be.

Moore Pet Supply has all the gear that you’ll need to keep your pets’ habits nice and safe. Check out all of the following if you happen to have a dog that has a tendency to get into places he or she shouldn’t be jumping.

Tall Gates for Dogs

Pressure gates have long been among the most popular options for those who have problems with their dogs and want to ensure that they’re not going to be able to jump over and into a certain area. While they’re not right for use at the top or bottom of staircases, a number of extra tall premium pressure gates are now on the market that comes with some features that make dog care all the easier. For instance, they come with an automatic close and lock function. Best of all, they’re 20 percent taller than an overwhelming majority of gates that are currently on the market.

An extra tall swing closed security gate is a great option for those who do have to concern themselves with sealing off a staircase or even French doors. Each of these gates are JPMA certified, so you can be sure that they’ve been tested and have been proven to work in a number of specific use cases.

Of course, these gates aren’t only for dogs. You might want to look into a number of other options if you have a cat, especially considering that our feline friends so often learn some very creative ways of getting into places that they’re not supposed to be in.

Tall Gates and Cats

Tall Pet Gates that are intended for use with cats is a good example of knowing your pet before purchasing. Cats have the natural ability to jump very high, therefore, the tallest pet gate may not work in spite of the best intentions. For these scenarios, some customers have been success mounting (2) Retract-A-Gates, one on top of the other so that you have the combined height of the gates for a barrier. These Retract-A-Gates when not in use, roll-up into the protected housing so that there is no “swing door” that can be bothersome. We cannot guarantee this type of use of the ‘cat gates’, but it has been successful for many customers. Our Tall Gates section offers a complete selection of the major brands of Tall gates for pets.

Tall Gates Designed For Large Dogs

Typically Tall Gates are designated as being over 38 inches in height. This height works very well for most large or giant breed dogs. Keep in mind that Giant Breed dogs are typically not jumpers! Some models do offer height extensions, such as the. This model allows you to add up to two 8 inch height extensions for a maximum height of 45 1/2 inches. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that a specific model will deter the most determined jumper in the house, but knowing your pet goes a long way in choosing the best pet gate for your situation.

Tall Pet Gates are ideal for jumping pets and are offered in pressure mounted, hardware mounted and freestanding pet gate options. These gates are available in wood, plastic, or metal construction and come in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Tall Pet Gates for Your Animals

Pet owners who might have an unusual space or who aren’t quite sure of what kind of gate to get can contact our experienced team online today. We’ll make sure to help them get the best kind of tall pet gate for their furry friend and their particular use case so they won’t have to worry about safety. While you’ll still need to be ever vigilant when it comes to keeping your pets happy and healthy, these handy pieces of gear can really go a long way toward making sure that they don’t get in any sticky situations.

Tall Pet Gates are ideal for jumping pets, and are offered in pressure mounted, hardware mounted and free standing pet gate options. These gates are available in wood, plastic or metal construction and come in a variety of colors to suite your needs.