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Tall Pet Gates

Tall Pet Gates

Tall Gates and Cats

Tall Pet Gates that are intended for use with cats is a good example of knowing your pet before purchasing. Cats have the natural ability to jump very high, therefore, the tallest pet gate may not work in spite of the best intentions. For these scenarios, some customers have been success mounting (2) Retract-A-Gates, one on top of the other so that you have the combined height of the gates for a barrier. These Retract-A-Gates when not in use, roll-up into the protected housing so that there is no "swing door" that can be bothersome. We cannot guarantee this type of use of the 'cat gates', but it has been successful for many customers. Our Tall Gates section offers a complete selection of the major brands of Tall gates for pets. Typically Tall Gates are designated as being over 38 inches in height. This height works very well for most all large or giant breed dogs. Keep in mind that Giant Breed dogs are typically not jumpers! Some models do offer height extensions, such as the. This model allows you to add up to two 8 inch height extensions for a maximum height of 45 1/2 inches. Unfortunately no one can guarantee that a specific model will deter the most determined jumper in the house, but knowing your pet goes a long way in choosing the best pet gate for your situation.

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Tall Pet Gates are ideal for jumping pets, and are offered in pressure mounted, hardware mounted and free standing pet gate options. These gates are available in wood, plastic or metal construction and come in a variety of colors to suite your needs.