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Vehicle & Heavy Duty Ramps

  • Pet Loader Polycarbonate

    Pet Loader Polycarbonate

    Pet Loader Poly-Carbonate Pet Loader Light Model The lightweight poly-carbonate Pet Loader is designed to be very portable and lightweight. It is …

    $196.99 - $270.99
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  • Original Pet Loader

    Original Pet Loader

    Original Pet Loader Pet Loader XL Model The Pet Loader Original comes in three different "step models". Each model features wider 18" steps that are d…

    $268.99 - $342.99
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  • Otto Step

    Otto Step

    Otto Dog Step Vehicle Mounted Dog Step Preventative Medicine for your dog: Helps prevent injuries caused by jumping down from high SUVs. Your dog can …

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  • Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

    Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

    Tri-Fold Pet Ramp Folds into Suitcase Size & Supports up to 200 lbs. The Tri-Fold Pet Ramp is a full length dog ramp …

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  • Half Ramp II

    Half Ramp II

    Half Ramp II Weighs 7 lbs. & Support up to 200 lbs. The Half Ramp II is well-suited for helping pets reach intermediate heights up to 20…

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  • HalfStep II MPR

    HalfStep II MPR

    HalfStep II MPR Carpets get wet, muddy, stains and retains odors, not something we wanted to fold up and put INSIDE our vehicle. That's precisely why …

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Dog Ramps for Cars

Vehicle and heavy duty dog ramp models can dramatically increase the safety of loading your dog into a car or SUV. These are popular with professional dog handlers and anyone who uses a working dog. All pet owners can take advantage of them, however, especially with how reasonably priced they’ve become.

As they age, some dogs become uncomfortable with trying to jump or climb into certain surroundings. Others are never comfortable with doing so. Regardless of how your dog feels about it, ramps are a much safer option. You’ll be able to find all of these ramps and more at Moore Pet Supplies.

Heavy Duty Pet Ramps for Trucks

Perhaps no other option is as popular for trucks as the traditional tri-fold pet ramp, which is a basic no-nonsense choice that folds up around three individual points of articulation. It gets cut down by ⅔ of its size each time you fold it up, so you could easily fit it in the back of even a smaller sized truck.

Those with bigger trucks might want to look into a Deluxe XL telescoping pet ramp, which drops down in the way that other purpose-built ramps do. If you’ve ever loaded furniture on a truck using a telescoping ramp, then you already know how to work this piece of gear. The way it’s designed can help save a lot of space, but it’s still more than large enough for almost any use case.

Car Steps for Large Dogs

Bigger dogs might feel more comfortable with something like the Ramp4Paws dog ramp, which is extremely portable and offers a convenient roll-up design. While you might think that it can be difficult to move such a large and powerful ramp, the opposite is often true. Pet owners can easily slip it into an included carrying bag. This makes transport simple. If you have a vehicle that you always use on outdoor excursions, then you could leave it in the back and pull it out whenever your pet comes with you.

This is an especially attractive option for those who want to travel long distances with a bigger dog and need to make sure that they always have a ramp on hand for dealing with any kind of terrain that they might come across. This type of dog ramp should work equally well in different areas, which also contributes to its attractiveness in these situations.

Dog Ramps for All Vehicles

Some larger vehicles may need longer ramps depending on the height of the back tailgate and whether or not your dog is able to enter the vehicle from the side. In some cases, your dog’s ability to move and his or her general size may also be a limiting factor to consider. Limiting, however, might not be the right word because these ramps are actually often quite liberating to dogs. If you’re not sure of the right size or need some help figuring out which might be the best for you, then make sure to contact us online at your earliest possible convenience.