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Hardware Mounted Gates

  • Duragate Pet Gate MG-25

    Duragate Pet Gate MG-25

    Duragate Pet Gate MG-25 Hardware Mounted Metal Gate - Ideal for Tall or Large Dogs   The Duragate Pet Gate MG-25 is designed for pet owners that …

  • Easy Swing & Lock Gate

    Easy Swing & Lock Gate

    Easy Swing & Lock Gate North States Model N4950 Child Safety Stairway Gate | Hardware Mounted Pet Gate This Easy Swing & Lock Gate features durab…

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  • Wood Expansion Gate

    Wood Expansion Gate

    Wood Expansion Gate Hardware Mounted Wood Gate | Wide Stairway Gate The Wood Expansion Gate is one of the widest stairway approved gates on the mar…

    $59.99 - $99.99
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  • Super Gate V

    Super Gate V

    The Super Gate-V Dog Gate This Gate is Currently on Back Order until 09/24/2021 Hardware Mounted Plastic Swing Gate for Large Openings The Super Gate-…

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  • XpandaGate Pet Gate EX-100

    XpandaGate Pet Gate EX-100

    XpandaGate Pet Gate EX-100 | Cardinal Gates Hardware Mounted Metal Gate The XpandaGate Pet Gate EX-100 is one of the most versatile gates available on…

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  • Automatic Close Hearth Gate

    Automatic Close Hearth Gate

    Automatic Close Hearth Gate Hardware Mounted | Barrier | Playpen The Automatic Close Hearth Gate is the perfect solution for restricting access to a…

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  • Loft Aluminum Safety Gate

    Loft Aluminum Safety Gate

    Loft Aluminum Safety Gate Hardware Mounted Metal Gate The Loft Aluminum Safety Gate is hardware mounted gate that fits openings from 26.5" to 4…

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  • Wood Slat Stairway Gate

    Wood Slat Stairway Gate

    Wood Slat Stairway Gate Hardware Mounted Wood Gate | Stairway Gate The Wood Slat Stairway Gate is hardware mounted and is certified to be used at the …

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  • Angle Mount Safeway Gate

    Angle Mount Safeway Gate

    Angle Mount Safeway Gate Hardware Mounted Steel Gate The Angle Mount Safeway Gate is one of the premier safety gates on the market for situations whe…

  • Extra Wide Swing Gate

    Extra Wide Swing Gate

    The Extra Wide Swing Gate North States Model 4649 This Gate is Currently on Back Order until 9/24/2021 Wood span width of 57" to 103" The Extra Wide S…

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Hardware Mounted Pet Gates

Have you been looking for a more permanent option to help your pet get through certain areas and control the traffic of your four-legged friends? If so, then hardware mounted pet gates might be the perfect option for you.

Hardware Mounted Gates are designed to be permanent affixed to a wall or doorway to maximize the structural integrity of the gate. Gates that are hardware mounted included needed brackets etc. for complete installation. Tools are required for pet gate installation.

That being said, you probably won?t need anything that you don?t already have lying around. A few basic things, like a screwdriver or a drill, might be all that?s required to put up a very good gate that works perfectly and stands up over a long period of time. In fact, this might end up being a great DIY home project that you could do in almost no time, at least as far as these sorts of things go.

Easy Swing & Lock Gates

These gates are offered in several different styles, which are all quite useful in different situations. You might want to install an easy swing and lock gate, which can help by making access easier.

At the same time, these are quite safe and will be sure to keep your pet out of any area that they?re not supposed to go. For that reason, they?ve become popular with those who need to block out their animals from a staircase or other similar area where they could potentially get hurt.

Wall Mounted Dog Gates

The wall-mounted gates provided here at Moore Pet Supplies are easy to install. They allow for secure setups and flexible arrangements. Mount at the desired angle for optimal protection and safety.

Find the right mounting brackets and studs in the case of drywall. In some cases, you can use wooden strips as a secondary layer, which adds durability and keeps the wall from crumbling.

We recommend the Hardware Mounted Hardwood Gate as a prime example of a wall installation. Simply locate a stud, and you can install it at angles of up to thirty degrees.

Permanent And Heavy Duty Pet Gates

Do you want to install gates that will stay up for the long term? Our permanent gates have mounting brackets that can never be taken down. Heavy-duty ones can keep the largest dogs and cats from barreling through.

All of our hardware-mounted gates are designed to be permanently affixed to a wall or doorway to maximize the structural integrity of the gate. They will last for a long time and handle a vast amount of physical stress.

For heavy-duty installation, the Wrought Iron Decor Gate is your best bet. Made of stainless steel, it allows for angle mounting and has an optional extension for wider stairs.

Pet Gates For Stairs

A single tall gate that?s 31 inches tall can fit openings anywhere from 28-48 inches, so you won?t have to worry about having to put more than one piece of hardware there. These are designed to swing in only one single direction, which makes them ideal for use at both the top and bottom of stairs. A one-handed safety latching system makes them even more simple for humans to use while keeping pets out of any place that they could get hurt with.

Since they?re offered in an exclusive matte bronze finish, they?ll even fit in with discerning homeowner?s decor. Your friends might think that they?re actually more of an architectural feature than anything else.

The Wood Slat Super Large Stairway Gate is one such example. It can fit large openings for pets of any size. Use at the top of the stairs to prevent your pets from tumbling.

Baby Gate With Pet Door

When you have pets and kids in the house, a gate that can keep them safe provides two benefits for the value of one. It protects them from having accidents or getting into restricted areas.

Each safety pet gate features an attached swinging door that?s ever so slightly narrower than the total opening span width. As a result, they can be considered a great choice for those who need wheelchair accessibility. Over time, these gates have been further refined and they?re now JPMA certified for use with children 6-24 months of age.

The Stairway Guard Gate is designed to keep your toddlers and pets from taking a tumble down the stairs. It has no bar for tripping and opens in one direction to prevent a recoil hazard. Wire mesh ensures that smaller pets cannot slip through the gaps and climb down.

Find the Right Hardware Mounted Pet Gate At Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pet Supplies wants to deliver practical pet care, including gates and mounts. Your favorite cat or dog is going to thank you for their newfound mobility as well as the safety that they?re now ready to enjoy.
Those who need to find a gate for an odd-sized opening can always contact us online using our convenient form. A member of our experienced sales team will be sure to help them find the specialty parts they need.

Shop Our Wide Selection of Gates Now!

Hardware mounted dog gates are considered the most durable and sturdy of pet gates available. Hardware mounted pet gates attach to wall studs with included mounting hardware, and require tools. We highly recommend hardware mounted dog gates for aggressive or larger dog breeds.