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Dog Kennel Feeders

Dog Kennel Feeders

Perhaps nothing is more important for your pet than food and water, with the possible exception of love. If you want to make sure that your animal is always well taken care of, then an excellent way to do so is to invest in automatic dog feeders that ensure that there’s food flowing whenever your dog decides to eat. This makes them an ideal solution for commercial kennels that need to feed multiple pets simultaneously.

At Moore Pet Supplies, we’ve made sure to put together a wide variety of automatic pet products to help you out with this sometimes challenging process.

Kennel Water System

Eventually, a standard dog water bowl is going to go dry. For cleanliness reasons, it’s generally going to need to be cleaned before that ever happens unless a dog happens to be quite thirsty. That’s why stainless steel dispensers have always been so popular.

In fact, some manufacturers now make genuinely automatic options.

Dog Kennel Automatic Waterers

Water dispenser equipment will make sure that the dogs under your care always have a ready source of water. If you’ve ever been concerned about a buildup of heat or other inclement conditions inside of surroundings, then this is an important consideration. Engineers have now also taken the opportunity to make food bowls that work much the same way.

Dog Kennel Bowls

Consider a heavy-duty corner feeder if you want to always provide plenty of fresh dog food for animals in your kennel. You may also want to consider a combined feeder and waterer to reduce the risk of ever running out.

Elevated Dog Kennel Feeders

An elevated pet feeder is perfect for when a larger dog decides to eat. It can keep the food flowing even if they happen to be of a very advanced size. You might even want to consider a full-sized feeding pan, which can be adjusted to at least some degree to meet the needs of several different dogs over time.

Indestructible Dog Bowls

Some residents of dog kennels would just continue to eat if you gave them access to a pet food dispenser. As a result, you’ll want to invest in heavy-duty traditional equipment that’s easy to clean. Dog feeding in these situations is much easier with an indestructible food and water bowl set made from strong material like high-quality stainless steel. A number of composite materials have been used as well, which are useful for those who want to make sure that a curious animal won’t wreck a piece of equipment no matter how hard they might be on it.

Commercial Kennel Products

Everything from automatic dog feeders to the simplest non-technical dog water bowl is surely in need by those who work for both shelters and dog kennels. If you find yourself needing to make quite a bulk order, then don’t hesitate to use our online contact form. A member of our team will get back to you with more about the latest in feeder and waterer technology.