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Water Dispensers are a great item to ensure optimal health for your pet. Models range from filtering models to reservoir type units that keep a water dish full. Outdoor units we offer can be connected to a garden hose so that the water dish will always remain full of water and the hose will shut off when dish is full. The wide variety of products we carry suits most situation from indoor use to kennel and your backyard. We also carry models designed for outdoor winter use as well as heating elements to use with existing water dishes so your dogs water does not freeze over. Providing ample, fresh water helps maintain the health of your dogs kidneys and urinary tract.

Pet Water Dispenser Information

Your pets (especially dogs) always need to have a water supply on hand as much as possible. Good health is directly attributable to adequate food and water. If you want your dog to be as healthy as possibly, a clean supply of water should always be on hand.

Over time we were used to simply setting out a clean dish of water for our pets. Today we have automatic waterers that automatically refill to certain levels, always giving your pet a clean supply of water. This is a great convenience to pet owners as well as your pet, but at times this can cause problems as well. Because you have an automatically refilling bowl, people tend to forget about the maintenance and cleaning of it. It's always good to check the dispenser to make sure it stays clean and useable. You have to account for things such has food debris, certain bacteria or algae if it doesn't have a filter.

Most automatic waterers are directly connected to a hose or water source if there of outside use. The most common design of these is a float that will automatically shut off the water once it's refilled at a certain level. This is a very simple, yet effect design that is very reliable. A lot of indoor waterers will be battery or electric-plug operated and usually will feature some type of filter along with a charcoal filter that helps get rid of algae and odors in the water. This is the ultimate clean water for your pet.

Other water dispensers continuously cycle water through their system to keep the water supply constantly clean and fresh no matter what. In some cases all you might need is a basic stainless steel water bowl that holds 2-4 quarts of water. Sometimes this is all you need and daily or every-other-day cleaning of the bowl will provide significant clean water. Always look over your options to see what is going to work out best for you and your pet's situation in the end.