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Water Dispensers for Pets

Pet Water Dispensers

All mammals need proper hydration in order to live healthy lives. Just as humans must consume a certain amount of clean and fresh water on a daily basis, feline and canine companions also need easy and plentiful access to this vital resource. Most pet owners are used to replenishing water bowls, but water dispensers are a smarter and more efficient solution.

Water dispensers are great to ensure optimal health for your pet. Models range from filtering models to reservoir units that keep a water bowl full. Some of the outdoor units in our catalog can be connected to a garden hose so that the water dish will always remain full of water, and the hose will shut off when the dish is full.

The wide variety of products we carry will suit most situations from indoor, outdoor, kennel, and backyard use. We also carry models designed for winter conditions as well as heating elements to use with existing water bowls; in this fashion, the water for your pets will not freeze over.

Dog Water Dishes and Bowls

Your pets always need to have a water supply on hand as much as possible. Good health is directly attributable to adequate food and water. If you want your dog to be as healthy as possible, a clean supply of water should always be on hand. Providing ample, freshwater helps maintain the health of your dogs’ kidneys and urinary tract. In the case of cats, we must keep in mind that they were wildlife just 10,000 years ago; they were desert felines domesticated by ancient Persian farmers, and they did not drink too much water. Our domestic cats will go without water for long periods, but they shouldn’t, and this is why they must be provided with abundant freshwater as a hydration reminder.

Most of us are used to simply set out water bowls for our pets; these days, however, we have automatic dispensers that automatically refill to certain levels, always giving our pets a clean supply of water. This is a great convenience not just for us but also for our pets, but you should not forget about cleaning these dispensers since they can develop bacterial, fungal, or algae colonies.

Automatic Dog Water Dispenser

Most automatic water dispensers are directly connected to a hose or water source if thereof outside use. The most common design of these is a floating device that will automatically shut off the water once it’s refilled at a certain level. This is a very simple, yet effective design that is very reliable. Some indoor dispensers are battery or electric-plug-operated and usually will feature some type of filter along with a charcoal filter that helps get rid of algae and odors in the water. This is the ultimate clean water dispenser for your pet.

Other dispensers continuously cycle water through their systems to keep the water supply constantly clean and fresh no matter what. In some cases, all you might need is a basic stainless steel water bowl that holds between two and four quarts of water. Sometimes this is all you need and daily or every-other-day cleaning of the bowl will provide significant clean water. Always look over your options to see what is going to work out best for you and your pet’s situation in the end.

Here are three of our most popular dispenser models:

Aqua Buddy Two-Quart Automatic Dispenser

All you have to do with this dispenser is connect it to garden hose. The float device will automatically take care of the rest without any spillage.

Auto-Wata Outdoor Dispenser System

This affordable water dispenser is made with durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. A standard water hose connector is included.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Getting your felines to hydrate properly requires some ingenuity. This dispenser includes a filtering system for keeping water clean, and it also features multiple bowls to make things interesting for your cats.

Questions About Pet Water Dispensers

At Moore Pet Supply, we are always ready to answer any questions you may have about our products. Contact our office today to learn more about water dispensers for your pets.