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Aqua Buddy 2 Quart Homelife Series Automatic Waterer

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Aqua Buddy 2 Qt. Automatic Waterer

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The Aqua Buddy is an automatic waterer featuring a two quart capacity. This waterer utilizes an innovative float system that will control the flow of water into the bowl, preventing spilling while maintaining a constant level of fresh drinking water. Simply attach any standard garden hose to the nozzle on the side of the Aqua Buddy. As the water level rises, the float is activated and automatically turns off the water flow when the dish is full. You'll no longer need to worry about constantly filling your dog's water bowl or cleaning up unnecessary spills.


The Aqua Buddy's easy-to-use design:
Aqua Buddy - Nozzle
Nozzle for Hose
Aqua Buddy - Float Without Water
Float (Without Water)
Aqua Buddy - Float With Water
Float (With Water)
To use the Aqua Buddy simply attach any standard garden hose to the side nozzle. As the water level rises and fills the bowl the float device will automatically turn off the flow.
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Bowl Capacity - 2 Quarts Designed to lay on any flat surface (no mounting hardware) Ideal for garages, kennels or outdoor feeding areas Works with any standard garden hose Durable, sun resistant polypropylene construction Reliable design keeps a constant supply of water in dish Will not overflow No training required for use Veterinarian approved

Aqua Buddy 2 Qt. Homelife Series
Automatic Waterer