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Pressure Mounted Pet Gates

Pressure Mounted Pet Gates

Pressure Mounted Gates

There is a variety of gates out on the market to meet customer's needs and demands. One of the more popular gate types is a pressure mounted gate. These types of safety gates work essentially the same as tension rods for shower curtains. The gate will simply wedge between two walls or a door frame, using pressure to stay in place. A pressure-mounted gate will work great in doors between rooms or in a hallway. It can also be used at the bottom of stairs to keep a baby from climbing or between rooms to separate a baby from a dog or cat.

A pressure mounted gate usually uses four pressure mounted (one on each corner) wall cups. These cups each adjust separately which makes it easier to install the gate onto uneven surfaces. Some hardware mounted gates require a completely flat surface to mount to. This is a great advantage for the pressure mounted type. Most pressure mounted gates feature a swing-gate step-through portion that allows for easy use (especially the ones made of metal). Other ones usually made from wood or plastic don't feature a swing-gate and require to be stepped over or moved aside.

For child use or even pet use avoid buying a gate with horizontal bars. The gate is as much a ladder in that situation as it is a gate. It's always best to purchase a gate that has vertical bars or slates. This deters a pet or child from climbing over the gate and negating what it's suppose to be used for. Over time a pressure mounted gate will probably loosen. You should always check the gate's stability periodically to make sure it's secure and tight. Also at times some pressure-mounted gates can be installed as hardware mounted gates as well. This gives the customer more options to adjust the gate for certain situations. As well as possibly saving the customer money.

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