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Kennel Dog Door

Kennel Dog Doors Kennel Dog Doors for Commercial and Residential Kennel Facilities

There are many types of specialty doors for pets, but kennel doors are placed in a category of their own because they are meant to be operated by humans. Whereas pet doors are usually intended for canine and feline companions that need a certain degree of independence with regard to freedom of movement, kennel doors are used as barriers to control the movement of dogs. In some cases, kennel doors and pet doors can be installed in the same space designated for canines.

Types Of Kennel Doors

Exterior kennel doors that allow dogs to move between spaces may feature flaps with locking mechanisms; other types may have sliding panes and even saloon-style doors, but the most common kennel doors for commercial and heavy-duty use are the guillotine type.

When guillotine-style doors feature a cable and pulley system, they can be easily opened or closed without having to go into each kennel space. These doors can be installed indoors or on exterior walls.

Guillotine Kennel Doors for Residential & Commercial Kennel Operations

Animation shows Kennel door operation.

Kennel Doors For Residences

By default, guillotine doors are rugged and built to last because they are mostly used for commercial kennel operations, but this does not mean that they cannot be installed in residential settings. The advantage of guillotine kennel doors is that they are more energy-efficient and can also reduce the amount of insect traffic.

The Security Boss Kennel Clad Economy door is an affordable guillotine-style solution that happens to be very popular among homeowners. This is a metal door that comes in three sizes and is relatively easy to install. The Gun Dog House Door is another kennel-grade solution ideal for homes and farms.

Kennel Doors For Commercial Operations

The king of guillotine doors is the Kennel Clad Dual Auto-Locking Premium Insulated door by Security Boss; this is one of the best solutions for busy kennels that care for large and hyperactive dogs. This premium guillotine is the only one that features an auto-locking mechanism that secures the door to rugged and insulated railings. Classic Kennel Guillotine Doors by Security Boss tend to be more affordable; however, this does not make them less durable. Saloon Dog Doors are elegant solutions ideal for private kennels and veterinary clinics, but they must be purchased with minimum quantity orders.

Let Moore Pet Supplies Help You Select Kennel Doors for Home Or Business Use

Moore Pet Supplies has been in the pet door business since the early days of e-commerce. We are a leading provider of doors for private residences, veterinary clinics, pet sitting operations, and commercial kennels.

Please feel free to browse through our catalog and be sure to contact our office should you have any questions related to kennel doors and their installation. We can also put you in touch with contractors in your area in case you need assistance with installation.

Moore Pet Supplies LLC is a leading provider of Dog Kennel Doors for small to the largest Commercial Kennels in the U.S. Special pricing is available on multiple item orders, please give us a call for a no charge, free custom quote. Ask for our Commercial Sales Consultant; They can work with you in choosing the best products that fit your budget.

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