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SB70 Clear Kennel Door

$194.99 - $358.99
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SB70 Clear Kennel Dog Door

Clear View Designed | Kennel Doors Extreme Environments

SB70 Clear Kennel Door

The SB70 Clear Kennel Dog Door was designed for customers who wish to utilize a clear kennel door to allow for light into the facility as well as a view for the kennel inhabitants. This swing door is made with clear poly-carbonate that is reinforced along all sides with a custom made aluminum channel. This design helps protect the poly-carbonate from chewing behavior.

A steel pin / brass bushing attachment allows the door to swing freely in both directions. Along the base of the swing door there are embedded magnets that assist the door in closing. These hidden magnets never need to be replaced and cannot be lost due to abusive behavior. High quality weather stripping lines all sides of the swing door to cover gaps between the frame and swing door. This unique weather stripping consists of a brush pile material that has a vinyl membrane within. This design provides the weatherstripping with more strength in retaining its profile and assisting in a better seal.

Note: The SB70 Clear Kennel Door is a great option for customer who wish to minimize maintenance in a kennel door product. The quality of the seal is very good, however, for comparison, the vinyl flap professional kennel doors would be considered the very best sealing products. Weather stripping is considered a maintenance item and may require replacement from time to time.

Promotes A Healthy Kennel Environment

Utilizing an exterior kennel door not only minimizes energy costs, but also promotes 'Well-Being' in the entire facility. When dogs have a choice of going outside, pens tend to be cleaner, overall anxiety levels of the resident dogs tends to be less acute, less time is spent by personnel opening and closing guillotine access doors for 'outside time', and most important; your facilities 'Well Being' is attractive to your customers.


SB70 Clear Kennel Doors are made upon order to fit your existing or planned wall openings. There are installed on the exterior side of the building. Each door has an approximate 1 inch flange that will insert into the wall penetration. Tapcon screws are included for attachment along these flanges.

Note: This dog kennel door does not line the entire tunnel.
Compatibility with Guillotine Kennel Doors
SB70 Clear Kennel Doors are installed on the exterior side of wall penetrations. This allows for the use of ANY guillotine door system to be used in tandem with these doors. Security Boss Manufacturing LLC does recommend that you might consider The Kennel Clad Insulated Guillotine Kennel Door as they can provide incomparable longevity and quality.

Product Information
Frame Color Options
Color Options are for the FRAME of the Door only.
The Swing Door itself is clear with natural aluminum channel

Note: Units are made to be installed on the exterior side of the wall penetration

SB70 Clear Kennel Door

The SB70 Clear Kennel Door was designed to provide kennel facilities with a chew resistant, high quality kennel door solution. This swinging kennel door is made upon order to fit any wall penetration opening. The rugged design holds up with even the most destructive dogs...while still providing your facility with an attractive long lasting door.

Weather Stripping with Vinyl Membrane
Steel Pin with Bushing
1 inch flange for installation
Clear Swing Door with Reinforced Channel

Designed for Extreme Canine Environments


Security Boss
SB70 Clear Kennel Door

Made in USA

Square Inch

(width x height of opening)

Small Size Range

total sq. inch openings
$194.99 each
Medium Size Range
total sq. inch openings
$256.99 each
Large Size Range

total sq. inch openings
$298.99 each
Extra Large Size Range
total sq. inch openings
$358.99 each
Over 600
total sq. inch openings
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SB70 Clear Kennel Doors are Made to Order
These are NON-RETURNABLE Items
Call us for information at 1-800-829-7876

If you need a larger size door than what the table above reflects,
please give us a call. Security Boss manufacturing LLC can custom make most any item upon request.

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5 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: 194.99 - 358.99

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Pricing starts at: $194.99
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SB70 Clear Kennel Door
by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC