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Cat Trees

Cat Tree Basic Information

Contemporary Designed Cat TreesCat Trees are typically what people think of in regards to design, when they picture a cat tree. This type of design is depicted by basic platforms , cradles and tunnels in various configurations. This design is most always carpeted and may or may not have sisal in its construction.

The quality of a contemporary cat tree is usually determined by the following feature components:

The underlying material that is used in construction
This can range from card board and particle press board to plywood of even solid woods.

The type of carpeting or covering used:
Just as you might expect, the same is true with carpet on the floor of your home or on the cat tree. The better quality units will use Berber Style carpeting, while the less expensive models with use various levels of cheaper shag. Other models will set themselves apart by using simulated sheepskin, fun fur (No one knows what fun fur is, even if they pretend to). These simulated coverings are adequate for the cat owner who is not expecting the cat tree to wear indefinitely.

Adhesives | Attachment Construction:
Some manufacturers (usually the lesser expensive ones) will use a glue or a combination of glue and staples to adhere the covering to the cat tree base. More expensive, better quality units will used taking, nails, etc. to adhere the covering. Glues tend to emit fumes or odors through time and staples can work loose.

Base of Unit:
The Better units will have a solid type base that is generous in diameter. Cheaper units typically have a base that is lighter weight.

Using the above info will help you choose the best unit for your situation and hopefully pair a unit with your expectations.