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    MaxSeal IN-Glass Pet Door Through the Glass Dog Door | Pet Door Model Security Boss Manufacturing is proud to introduce the In-Glass pet door for sl…

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Sliding and French glass doors are some of the nicest touches that can be added to homes with backyards or patio areas, particularly when they connect living rooms or lanais to recreation spaces such as swimming pools or summer kitchens. If you have canine or feline companions, you do not have to worry about keeping glass doors open for them; Moore Pet Supplies has solutions to give your pets freedom of movement.

Glass Dog Doors

There was a time when pre-installed pet doors were the only solution for glass dog doors, but this is no longer the case. Brands such as Security Boss and Liberator offer pet doors that can be installed into existing glass panes, and they come in different sizes. Moore Pet Supplies also offers the more traditional solution of glass panels with pet doors that have been previously installed.

Glass Door Models For Pets

Single flap mechanisms are the most common in-glass pet doors, although some brands offer dual flaps for greater insulation and durability. Other mechanisms such as guillotine and swinging doors are not usually recommended for glass pet doors. When choosing the pet door that is right for the glass doors in your home, the sealing and insulation properties offered should be the main deciding factors driving your purchase.

MaxSeal In-Glass Dog Doors

At Moore Pet Supplies, we are proud to include MaxSeal products in our catalog. MaxSeal is a line of pet doors manufactured by Security Boss, an American company respected by homeowners, contractors, and kennel operators across the United States. The MaxSeal Pro In-Glass Dog Door is ideal for both sliding and full panel glass doors; you can choose from 10 different sizes and frame colors, and each part can be given maintenance separately so that you do not have to worry about replacement. The adapters for MaxSeal Pro doors are designed to fit single, double, and commercial grade glass panes. With regard to looks, the low profile frames are designed to match or highlight the styles of glass doors.

Security Boss In-Glass Pet Doors

"The Best Pet Doors by Design"

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Security Boss Manufacturing offers In-Glass pet doors for installation into sliding glass doors or other glass applications. Available in both the high quality MaxSeal and the cost effective SB Standard, these in-glass pet doors are the perfect addition to any sliding glass door.
Important Note:
If you are in need of a glass professional, you may be able to find one in your area on our Installer Page.
How to install the French glass panel with pet door

Click Here to see our large selection of glass panels with a pre-installed pet door!!

In-Glass Pet Door Installation

The glass panels with pre-installed dog doors are the most suitable for do-it-yourself installation projects. For MaxSeal pet doors, the best approach is to let a professional contractor take care of the installation. The first step is to select the correct adapter that will fit the glass pane; for example, the half-inch adapter is recommended for glass panes measuring between 7/8″ to 1.5″.

Learn More About Glass Pet Doors From Moore Pet Supplies

Trust us to provide suitable doors for your large or small dogs. Moore Pet Supplies offers a database of pet door installers in your area; if you need assistance with measuring the glass pane or cutting the notch required for pet door installation, we suggest you contact the installer before placing the order.

Moore Pet Supplies is a veteran e-commerce operation that has been in business for more than two decades. If you have questions about the products we offer or the ordering process, our customer service agents will be happy to help you. Contact our office today to learn more about glass pet doors and installation.