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Dog Boxes For Trucks

The image of a dog riding in the back of a jeep or a truck bed is often seen in Hollywood films, television series, and commercials; however, the reality of this practice is that it is not only unsafe but also irresponsible. Quite a few jurisdictions have regulations that prohibit dogs riding in open vehicles, and this is when dog boxes and crates come in handy.

At Moore Pet Supplies, we offer a nice selection of dog boxes that keep canines safe when they have to be transported in open vehicles. Our boxes are the kind used by kennels, dog handlers, and hunters; they feature rugged construction and other details that make pet transport safe and efficient. These boxes are also ideal for the average dog owner, and they can also be used for feline pets when there are not cages or crates available.

Custom Dog Boxes For Pickup Trucks

The dog box models in our catalog can accommodate up to three dogs and even more if they are puppies or small breeds that can get along inside the same compartment during a trip.

Owens Single Compartment Dog Box

Owens Products is a respected manufacturer of kennel boxes used by hunters and dog handlers. This aluminum box comes in two sizes; the largest is for bigger breeds, and the interior compartment is lined with insulation foam material for a warm and comfortable ride.

Owens Double Compartment Dog Box

In addition to the side-by-side kennel compartments of this Hunter Series dog box, you also get a nice storage compartment at the top, which you can use to carry collars, leashes, toys, dog food, bowls, medications, and other pet supplies. The construction of this box is solid and will not drive you crazy with rattling. The doors latches can be securely locked, and storm panel covers are included for any trips you need to make during inclement weather.

Owens Triple Compartment Dog Box

As the largest dog box within the Hunter Series, you can choose between one with a top storage compartment or the larger one without storage, which features a width of 58 inches. All features such as insulation, lockable latches, and storm panel latches are included.

Pet Boxes and Kits

Aside from dog kennel boxes for trucks, we also offer kits and accessories for car travel. Please browse through our catalog to find crates, pet ramps, and safety barriers that can be installed inside vehicles.

Need to Learn More About Dog Boxes?

Any questions you may have about our truck dog boxes can be answered by our customer service agents. Contact Moore Pet Supplies today if you need more information about our products, installation, and shipping policies.