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Free Standing Pet Gates

Free Standing Pet Gates | Pet Playpens

Versatile Free Standing Pet Gates that can be Placed Anywhere in the home

What to Consider when Purchasing?

When shopping for a Free Standing Gate, you will want to consider the type of dog or pet in regard to their height as well as any behavior tendencies that may allow them to jump over the pet gate. Many times jumping behavior is a function of discipline and training your pet. Often with some training, a dog or other pet will learn not to cross the gate barrier. You will still want to consider a taller dog gate for larger dogs.

Free Standing Gate Components

There are many choices of Free Standing Pet Gate models when it comes to how they look and what they are made of. You will notice most units are made of wood or a combination of wood and wire. These units are designed to fit nicely into the look, design and decor of your home. After all, they will be in sight and you may want a unit that looks good and augments your home!

Free Standing pet gates and fences are a great option as a barrier in keeping pets away from certain areas. They are very mobile and can be used in a variety of situations. Depending on the span width, they are commonly used as barricades for hallways, room entries, and even to block off rooms using the larger spanning models.

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Free Standing Pet Gates do not require any mounting hardware or brackets, and can be used in a zig-zag, linear (with feet), or playpen style configuration. Stand alone pet gates can conveniently be moved around to fit your needs. These freestanding pet gates are available in wood or metal, and come in a variety of widths.