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Free Standing Pet Gates

Freestanding Dog Gates

Freestanding pet gates don’t require you to put up any other structure in order to hold your gate up. You can simply put one in place and it should stay there for as long as you want to keep it up. While you might think that these are easy for pets to knock over, designers have actually put quite a bit of work into ensuring that they’re more than capable of standing up to quite a bit of abuse. There are options for small dogs as well as larger ones, which should help those looking for a way to keep their homes partitioned and their animals on one side for safety reasons.

In some cases, you might even find some that work best in the great outdoors.

Freestanding Dog Fence Outdoor

An outdoor freestanding dog fence is a great way to ensure that your dog can play around outside in a safe environment where he or she won’t get hurt. You might want to bring one with you while you’re camping or on an RV trip, which will help you to provide them with a safe space no matter where you might end up.

There are also some options, like the Gate-n-Crate folding pet gate, that could be used to either allow or deny access to an outside area. This gives pet owners the freedom to let their dogs get some fresh air without putting them in a situation where they could end up getting into trouble.

SuperYard XT fences are an even simpler option, which can be put up or taken down in just a few minutes. That gives pet owners the freedom to set one of these up whenever they want to be sure that they can get it back down again in only a short period of time.

Freestanding Fence with Gate

Nevertheless, more sophisticated options are available that could be put into place on a longer basis. That gives homebound pet owners more of a choice when they want to set a gate in place and use it every day. These are more sophisticated than something like the backyard dog outdoor gate, but they still have all the functionality that you’d expect from something like this.

Gates normally allow pet owners to let their dogs in or out with a simple swing of the door. While it might take a few moments to get one of these put up, you shouldn’t find that much maintenance will be needed once you get everything straightened out.

Stand Alone Dog Gate

Since a standalone gate uses nothing but it’s own sides or folding panels to remain standing, you won’t have to screw it into anything. Some of them lock in place, but all of the hardware needed to lock them comes attached to the gate itself. For more information on what’s currently on the market, make sure to contact Moore Pet Supplies online. Our team will help you find the perfect freestanding pet gates for your furry friends.


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Free Standing Pet Gates do not require any mounting hardware or brackets, and can be used in a zig-zag, linear (with feet), or playpen style configuration. Stand alone pet gates can conveniently be moved around to fit your needs. These freestanding pet gates are available in wood or metal, and come in a variety of widths.