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Dog Electronics

Remote Control Collars, Bark Collars, In Ground Fences & Wireless Systems

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Engineers are always trying to come up with high-tech solutions to daily problems, which is why the field of dog electronics has continued to grow. No matter what kind of pet you have, you’ve probably run into some behavioral issues that are difficult to fix. Whether you’ve been dealing with excessive barking or can’t keep your dog confined to a certain area, there’s an electronic gadget that can help you to solve these issues.

At Moore Pet Supply, we always put safety first. That means we’ve dedicated ourselves to only selling approved products that are safe to use when operated in a manner consistent with their labeling.

Electronic Devices for Dog Trainers

Whether you’re just working with a beloved family pet or training a whole group of furry friends, these following devices should help you out.

Dogtra 1900S 1 or 2 Dog System

With a ¾-mile line of sight range and 127 different levels of static stimulation, the Dogtra field system is among the most flexible electronic training collars currently on the market. It offers three types of correction, which include the traditional nick and continuous modes as well as a vibration only setting that doesn’t use any sort of electrical force to correct potentially unwanted behaviors.

PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Control Collar

Petsafe’s PUSB-300 is one of the lightest bark control collars that are currently in production. At only a single ounce, the unit is light enough not to be noticeable. It uses a sophisticated microphone to detect barking and emits a high-pitched squeal in order to deter it. Unlike most collars, it provides a tone that’s designed to distract your pet from whatever was causing him or her to bark in the first place. Pet owners with slightly larger animals can clip the ultralight module onto other collars than the one it comes with, which makes it an even more flexible solution.

PetSafe Outdoor Premium Wireless Fence

If you’re looking for an underground fence that can cover up a relatively large area, then the PIF-300 can handle up to a full ½ acre. It’s completely portable and doesn’t require owners to buy any additional wire. Users are free to pick from one of five different adjustable levels of correction on top of a traditional sonic beep-only mode. Run through protection ensures that your dog stays exactly where he or she should be no matter how curious they end up getting.

SportDOG Containment System

Those who have large dogs or those that are particularly difficult to train should love the SportDOG Containment System’s powerful transmitter. The system comes with 1,000 feet of boundary wire, which should prove to be more than enough for even those with sizable farms. When fully deployed, the SportDOG system can protect up to 100 acres of territory. Some residential users have even opted to use it in small spaces simply because of how rugged and durable it can be.

No matter what sized dog you have, make sure to use our convenient online contact form when you’re ready to learn more about what sort of electronics can help you train and care for them.