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PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Control Collar PUSB-300

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Petsafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar PUSB-300

Activated by:
Unit Size
1"h x 2"w x 1"d
Correction Levels
1 Freq, 4kHz
All Dog Sizes
Easy to Train | Rescue Dogs

The Petsafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar PUSB-300 is one of the lightest bark control collars on the market at only one ounce. The unit uses a microphone to detect the pet's barking and emits a high-pitched sonic correction to deter barking. The correction tone is designed to distract your pet from whatever was causing him or her to bark.

The PUSB-300 comes with a simple collar, but the unit can be clipped on to your dogs existing collar.
This bark collar is low cost solution for barking behavior. Some dogs may get used to the Sonic frequency noise and become immune to the unit, but every dog is different. If you have a more head strong pet, then we recommend a static bark collar for more effective, longer lasting results.You purchase comes with 1 PetSafe RFA-67 replacement batteries.

PetSafe PUSB-300 Ultrasonic Bark Collar

PUSB-300 Bark Collar

Battery Info

6 Volt lithium
Battery life expectation is approx. 30 days
depending on frequency of use

Owners Manual
Installation Instructions in PDF format
(Adobe Reader Required)
Get Adobe Reader Here

Most effective for small dogs
Lightest collar (1 ounce)
Uses sound to interrupt and deter barking
Adjustable sensitivity
Battery life is about 30 days, depending on number of activations
Manual included
Emits high pitched tone as correction that is audible to humans
Can not be used with a leash attached
Not recommended to use for more than 8 hours at a time

Collar Specifications:
Height: 1"
Width: 2"
Depth: 1"
Frequency: 4 kHz
Volume is about 105 dB at 1 foot
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How it Works:
Activated by your dogs barking, sound triggers collar
Type of Stim.
One Level Ultrasonic
1 Freq, 4kHz
Recommend for:
All Dogs & Mild to Shy Temperaments

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PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Control Collar