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Flaps & Parts

  • MaxSeal Flaps

    MaxSeal Flaps

    MAXSEAL REPLACEMENT FLAPS REPLACEMENT FLAPS FOR MAXSEAL PET DOORS Insulating Flaps to Replace Your Old MaxSeal Flaps MaxSeal flaps are made specific t…

    $33.00 - $190.00
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  • Standard Replacement Flaps

    Standard Replacement Flaps

    SB STANDARD REPLACEMENT FLAPS The SB Replacement Flap is clear vinyl with one or two (Depending on Size) metal strike plate riveted to each …

    $32.99 - $165.99
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  • Training Flap

    Training Flap

    Security Boss Training Flap Easy Walk-Thru Flap   The Security Boss Training Flap is a massive time saver and frustration saver for customers pu…

  • New
    SB Standard Replacement Frame

    SB Standard Replacement Frame

    Standard Frames can be ordered separately for replacement. Interior or Exterior frames can be ordered. You can also choose if you want a frame ONLY, o…

    $42.99 - $119.99
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When you visit local pet shops or home improvement stores, there is a good chance that you will find one or two types of pet doors; they are usually for medium dog breeds and will rarely include instructions for installation. At Moore Pet Supplies, our online catalog of pet doors includes dozens of models for both canine and feline companions. Some of our pet entry systems can be installed on screen doors while others are mounted right on a pane of glass so you can mount them on screen doors. In addition to a wide range of pet doors, we also keep flaps, bite guards, magnets, batteries, thumb screws, collar tags, and many other parts for dog and cat entry systems.

Pet Door Flaps and Parts

Depending on the kind of pet door you purchase, there is a chance that you may never need to worry about searching for parts. Reputable brands such as Security Boss offer pet doors that come with a lengthy manufacturer's warranty; in fact, many of our customers only need to replace flaps and other parts years after their purchase. In other cases, pet doors need to be removed and installed elsewhere, and this is when some parts may break.

Dog Door Flaps & Parts

Here are some of the pet door parts and flaps our online customers look for:

Ruff Weather Flaps

Pet doors by Ideal Pet Products are excellent solutions for pet owners who live in extreme weather regions. These doors are built to last, but the flaps may need to be replaced after withstanding several storms.

Draft Sealer

This thick rubber seal is a heavy-duty weatherstripping part that seals gaps in sliding glass doors, thus increasing energy efficiency and preventing bugs from coming into your home.

Doggie Door Parts

Here are other parts we carry for dog doors:

Magnetic Collar Tags by Solo

Pet owners who install Solo door systems are constantly looking for these parts. One set of these collar tags includes small, medium, and large pieces.

Cable Bite Guards

If you have a guillotine-style kennel door installed, these bite guards will enhance the protection already provided by the slide panels.

Pet Door Replacement Parts & Accessories

Be sure to use the search bar function at the top of our shopping pages in order to find the flaps and parts you need for your pet door systems. Should you encounter difficulty locating the parts you need, please contact us. We can also get you in touch with local contractors who can help you with pet door repairs and installations.