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Draft Sealer for Sliding Glass Doors

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Draft Sealer

Self-Adhesive Weather Stripping for Sliding Doors

Eliminate Bugs & Drafts when Using your Patio Pet Door Insert - All Brands

The Draft Sealer is a 3" wide, 1/16" thick heavy duty rubber weather seal that has a peel back, self-adhesive strip. Use it to seal the gap between your sliding door and the fixed (non-sliding) panel. When you are using a Patio Pet Door/Insert, the sliding door does not seal with the fixed panel. This creates a gap that bugs and drafts can come through. Sometimes this gap can be 1-2" wide, allowing for tremendous energy loss. Stop the drafts with our Draft Sealer!

American Sliding Door

The Draft Sealer attaches by a self-adhesive strip to the back side of your sliding door, overlapping the gap to create a weather proof seal.
This seal will maintain as you open and close your sliding door.


American Sliding Door

Note: Most manufacturers of patio pet doors include a weather stripping piece with their products, however, the width is insufficient to attain a proper seal and the material itself is too rigid to maintain a seal during the opening and closing of your sliding door. For an optimal seal on your sliding glass doors we highly recommend the Draft Sealer.

All Security Boss Manufacturing Patio Pet Doors and Window Pet Doors automatically come with the Draft Seal.


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Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Fits all Sliding Door Heights up to 100"

Draft Sealer for Sliding Glass Doors | Bug Protection | Weather Seal