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Petsafe Automatic - French Door Glass Panel with Pet Door

$1,230.99 - $1,399.99
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French Door Glass Panel
with PetSafe Electronic Pet door Installed

Dual Pane Glass Insert with Pre-Installed Pet door

Electronic Dog Door - Controls Access in Both Directions


- Built To Order

- Super Fast & Easy To Install

- Ships in 5 - 10 Business Days



How to determine if French Glass Panels will work for me

The French Door Glass panel Insert is a Do-It-Yourself pet door solution that is easy to install, reversible if needed in future and a very cost effective option when compared to in glass pet door products. These glass panel inserts are made to be compatible with french panel doors that use a plastic frame to hold in the glass of the door.

This is easily determined by two characteristics. First, look on the interior of your door and see if there are screws around the plastic frame that holds in the door glass. This frame also has a higher profile that the general surface of the door. The second characteristic is the measurement of the glass itself.

Compatible glass inserts are one of two sizes:
21.75"w x 65.75"h
23.75"w x 65.75"h

Note: These glass inserts will not fit every french glass panel door. Only those that have glass that fall into the provided ranges and are held in place by the described plastic frame.

The PetSafe Electronic Smart Door can work with up to 5 pets at one time. This door will control access in both directions, "in" and "out", so it is a great solution for customers who are not only interested in keeping out unwanted visitors, but will keep selected pets indoors too. The collar tags have an activation range of up to 3 feet from the door. The flap is made of durable Plexiglas so it should last much longer than conventional flaps.

The PetSafe Smart door will slightly raise upward when activated by the collar key, allowing your pet to go through the opening.  The door then lowers onto a locking ridge to secure the flap. The collar key (Battery required) is solid, water resistant and and small enough to worn by a small or large dog. This door is a good choice for allowing access to the outside for a dog while keeping a cat indoors.

(Not recommended for cats).


PetSafe Electronic Dog Door pre-installed in a Glass Panel

How to install the French glass panel with pet door

This door controls access in BOTH directions
Up to 5 pets can use the door at once
Each door comes with one collar key
Pet Opening
with 21.75"w x 65.75"h
Glass Panel
with 23.75"w x 65.75"h
Glass Panel

Small PetSafe Smart Door for Doors
6 5/8" w x 8"h

Large PetSafe Smart Door for Doors

13 1/16"w x 15 3/4"h
Collar Keys

Fits either model
[photo] PetSafe Electronic Door Collar tag
Extra Collar Keys are available for customers who have already purchased these doors.  You may also add additional keys when purchasing your door.
Key dimensions: 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"


These doors are not designed to be used with cats

Warranty and Return Policy

Security Boss Manufacturing LLCAuthorized PetSafe Dealer

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How to install the French glass panel with pet door

French Door Glass Panel - PetSafe Electronic
Raccoon Proof Pet door