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Max Seal - French Door Glass Panel with Pet door

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French Door Glass Panel
with the MaxSeal® Pet door Installed

Dual Pane Glass Insert with Pre-Installed Pet door

Dual Flap, Ultimate Security Pet Door in Dual Pane Glass

How to determine if French Glass Panels will work for me

The French Door Glass panel Insert is a Do-It-Yourself pet door solution that is easy to install, reversible if needed in future and a very cost effective option when compared to in glass pet door products. These glass panel inserts are made to be compatible with french panel doors that use a plastic frame to hold in the glass of the door.

This is easily determined by two characteristics. First, look on the interior of your door and see if there are screws around the plastic frame that holds in the door glass. This frame also has a higher profile that the general surface of the door. The second characteristic is the measurement of the glass itself.

Compatible glass inserts are one of two sizes:
21.75"w x 65.75"h
23.75"w x 65.75"h

Note: These glass inserts will not fit every french glass panel door. Only those that have glass that fall into the provided ranges and are held in place by the described plastic frame.

MaxSeal Insulated Pet Door

The MaxSeal® pet door is available in dual or single flap versions. The dual flap model is recommended for customers seeking an ultimate weather barrier for their home. Single flap models are commonly used in scenarios where an insulating barrier is not required.

The Best Pet Door by DesignTM

Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture of the MaxSeal® doors by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC. This craftsmanship is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty. MaxSeals are designed to be maintained forever. This is the last pet door you will need to purchase for your dog. All components are manufactured so that the customer can easily replace, upgrade, or maintain all the main components. The structural integrity of the door and security panel are protected under warranty so that you will always have a superior performing product for the life of your pet.

MaxSeal® Pet Doors pre-installed in a Glass Panel

Made in USA
How to install the French glass panel with pet door
Often you will find that a male requires a different sized opening versus a female.
Recommendations are there to help guide customers, they do not guarantee a proper fit.
Flap Size
Pet Type Guide

Choose Opening that will allow for approx. 1.5" to 2" clearance above pet's shoulders.
Single Flap Model Dual Flap Model Single Flap

Dual Flap
with 21.75w x 65.75h
Glass Panel
with 23.75"w x 65.75"h
Glass panel

6"x 7 1/2"

Cats & Dogs up to 14lbs.
$875.99 $900.99
7"x 9"
Large Cats & Small Dogs to 15lbs, Papillon, Havanese, Shih Tzu, Bichon, Yorkies
$891.99 $890.99 $919.99
9" x 12"
Cavalier King Charles, female Pugs, Jack Russells $891.99
$920.99 $955.99
11" x 16"
Cocker Spaniels, Shetland, Shar Pei, Wheaten Terriers, Whippets
$954.99 $999.99
11" x 20"
English Springers, Standard Poodles, Female Labradors, Samoyed, Dalmatians
$984.99 $1,038.99
Tall Grand
11" x 25"
Female Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Boxers, Greyhounds, female  Golden Retrievers
$1,003.99 $1,070.99
XL Grand
12" x 24"
Male Golden Retrievers, Collies, German Shepherds
$1,009.99 $1,075.99
Wide Tall
15" x 20"
Large Male Labradors, Large Rottweilers, Ridgebacks
$1,019.99 $1,085.99
15" x 24"
Dobermans, Large German Shepherds, Landseers, Mastiffs
$1,034.99 $1,104.99
Units are refundable within 30 days of receipt by customer


Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

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How to install the French glass panel with pet door

French Door Glass Panel with Pet door - MaxSeal