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Cable Bite Guard

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Cable Bite Guard | Kennel Clad

Protect Kennel Door Cable for Chewers

Guillotine Cable Protector | Universally Mounts to any Model

The Cable Bite Guard was designed by Security Boss to be universally adaptable to any guillotine kennel dog door. Cable damage from resident dogs can be problematic. Some Guillotine door models have built in slide in panels, but can be an expensive EXTRA that many facilities tend to overlook. The Cable Bite Guard was developed to be an inexpensive, yet complete remedy for any facility.

How It Works

There are various sizes and corresponding guillotine dog kennel door widths and heights. The Cable Bite Guard spans the entire width of the guillotine door - including the side rails. This simple design is secured into the wall on either side of the rails, providing a protective cover so that mischievous dogs cannot access the cables attached to the top of guillotine doors. This can save time and money replacing cable connections; especially in larger facilities. The Bite Guard is easily install by simply securing 4 screws that affix the flanges on either side of your guillotine rails to the wall.

Cable Bite Guard Construction

Heavy duty 20 gauge aluminum is used in the fabrication of the Cable Bite Guard. Both the top and bottom are folded to give the unit strength, stability and a safe rounded edges to protect jumping dogs from injury. Each Bite Guard Protector is 20 inches tall so that you can position it easily to hide the cable connection point to the guillotine dog door. There are 2 standard sizes: the Regular Bite Guard spans a maximum width of 20 inches and the Large Bite Guard spans a maximum of 25 inches. Choose the model that easily will straddle your existing guillotine door and rail width.


Security Boss Cable Bite Guards

Made in USA


Cable Bite Guard- view

Cable Bite Guards

can be mounted on ANY
Guillotine kennel door system
  protecting door cables from chewing damage and constant replacement.
Spans maximum of 20"

$50 each
Spans maximum of 25"

$56 each

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5 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $50 - $56

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Pricing starts at: $50.00
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2 Standard Sizes
Will work with ANY Brand Guillotine Door
Make sure width of door is withing span