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4-Sided Exterior Professional Kennel Door

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4-Sided Exterior Professional

Custom Made Energy Efficient Kennel Dog Doors

The 4-Sided Exterior Professional by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC uses a heavy duty stainless hinge connection for the flap. This is a great feature for kennels that may have many different breeds that use the kennel runs. The hinge connection design is more forgiving when taller dogs are using the openings as their backs tend to touch the top of the opening. In doors without this hinge feature, flaps may wear prematurely if pressure is applied repeatedly at the flap connection point. The hinge also features a weather seal that helps eliminate drafts through the hinge mechanism.

Security Boss 3-Sided Kennel Door Replacement Flap Info The 4-Sided Exterior Professional is made with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum, and has double reinforced mitered corners for structural strength. The flap is UV protected, reinforced with vertical embedded nylon cords and weatherized to prevent shrinking in sub-zero temperatures. Each flap has 1 1/2" long Alnico, #5 magnets located on the sides and bottom that create a positive seal. All sides of the frame are also lined with heavy density brush weather stripping to prevent any drafts. 4-Sided Exterior Professional Kennel Doors are designed to be installed on the exterior side of the wall , this allows for full use of the interior mounted guillotine doors. When used together, you have controlled access along with unparalleled energy savings.

Wall penetrations can vary greatly from facility to facility. Therefore our doors are custom made to the required dimensions.

Note: Doors are non-refundable as they are built to your requirements.

Security Boss 4-Sided Professional Kennel Door Replacement Flap Info

Product Note:The 4-Sided Exterior Professional uses a heavy duty hinge that connects the flap to the door frame. This model using the heavy duty hinge is typically recommended for kennels that incur high use as well as those that may house larger or high energy animals.

We encourage both owners and architects to contact us at the earliest phase of planning the facility to discuss possible options for kennel doors that would work best for the facility. We have a kennel consultant that can be contacted for kennel design free of charge.

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If measured opening is 12" wide x 32" high
Multiply 12 x 32 = 384 square inches
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Security Boss
4-Sided Exterior Professional
Vinyl Kennel Door

Made in USA

Professional 4 sided kennel door

Square Inch

(width x height of opening)


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Security Boss Kennel Door return policy: All 4-Sided Exterior Kennel Doors are made to fit the customers dimension requirements, therefore they are non-refundable. Flaps are made from flexible vinyl so if they are chewed or destroyed by an occupant, you may want to charge the owner for replacement value.

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