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Solo Automatic Pet Doors

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Solo Automatic Opening Pet Doors
For Doors & Walls

Model Info
Wall Models
Walls from 6.5" to 9"
Door Models
Fit Door up to 2" thick
Every Solo Purchase Includes 1-Collar Tag
Animation shows Solo Automatic Opening Pet Doors opening and closing. Animation shows Solo Automatic Opening Pet Doors opening and closing.

How the Solo Works:

When the Solo detects the pet tag the motor turns a pulley that winds up the cord. The steel locking pin retracts then the door lifts up for the pet to pass. When it is time for the door to come down, it must unwind from this pulley that has drag to it so there is no downward force, very safe and gentle. The last function of the cycle after the door closes is to shoot the steel locking pin back into the Solo 2x4 aluminum frame.

The Solo Automatic door is triggered by a magnet. There are no batteries or circuitry in the tag that your pet wears. It is a magnetic field that triggers the door to open. This method of triggering the door is what make the Solo so reliable. It doesn't matter if the collar tags get wet. Because they are only magnets, they are very inexpensive to replace if they are lost.

Animation shows Solo Automatic Opening Pet Doors opening and closing.

Characteristics of Operation

An important characteristic of the Solo is that when it is mounted in an area where you may have moving metal, you may see the door cycle. A good example of this is in a laundry room situation. The metal moving parts of a washer or dryer can trigger the Solo, even if the sensitivity to the unit is turned down very low. We advise customers that if this occurs, then simply turn off the Solo during times that you are doing laundry and the machines are running. Household appliances do not usually pose a problem, simply turning down the sensitivity of the unit. It is always a good idea to turn on the door prior to installation in the area where it will be installed to see if any of these concerns arise. Unlike most electronic doors, the Solo can be used in a metal door, but as in the example of the laundry room install, when you open that door to go in or out yourself, you will see the door cycle once. These characteristics for the most part do not interfere with use of the door by the pet, but are simply characteristics you will see depending on your install location.

Note: Some customers have had interference problems with the DogWatch in ground fence (FM Frequency based containment fence) and use of the Solo. This means that the collar tag that the dog wears can sometimes vibrate. The door will operate as normal. This vibration is the only characteristic reported.

Why A Solo Automatic Opening Door?

There are only a couple of automatic opening doors on the market. The Solo is made with construction-grade quality. It is designed to you would expect with a higher costing door. Other similar designs use cheaper construction (plastic framing) and also use less than reliable methods in their collar tag technology. The Solo is reliable because of its magnetic triggering mechanism. Other brands have numerous problems in different weather conditions and climates.

The Solo is the most dependable electronic door on the market. The simple magnetic activation and mechanics result in reliable, repeated operation
Special Note About Magnetic VS. Sonic (other) tags:
Magnetic tags are RELIABLE. Other doors that use sonic frequency have problems when the collar tags get wet as well as having general reliability issues. If you invest in an automatic door, do the research. Check out the better business bureau, customer blogs online etc. You will find that the Solo Automatic is the only door with an unblemished 18 year track record of sales with Moore Pet Supplies LLC.

The Solo Automatic pet door is motor driven on the way up, but gravity driven on the way down. This means that even if your pet is still in the pet door when it comes back down, your pet will not be injured by the pet door. There are no motors or mechanisms forcing the pet door down into place.

Door Install
Wall Install


Wall Mount Instructions
Raccoon proof door
Solo Power Options for Door & Wall Models
Solo Automatic
Pet Door

Wall Models: Fit walls 6.5" to 9"
Door Models: Fit doors up to 2"
Pet Opening
Pet Opening
Size Tag
Included with Door
Door & Wall
Model 1008
8"w x 10"h
8"w x 10"h 12"w x 24"l x 4"d Small $409.99
Model 1210
10"w x 12"h
10"w x 12"h 14"w x 29"l x 4"d Medium $459.99
Model 1510
10"w x 15"h
10"w x 15"h 14"w x 35"l x 4"d Medium $501.99
Model 1514
14"w x 15"h
14"w x 15"h 18"w x 34.5"l x 4"d Medium $580.99
Model 1812
12"w x 18"h
12"w x 18"h 16"w x 40"l x 4" Large $612.99
Model 2412
12"w x 24"h
12"w x 24"h 16"w x 52.5"l x 4"d Large $670.99
Model 2014
14"w x 20"h
14"w x 20"h 18"w x 44"l x 4"d Large $717.99
Model 2614
14"w x 26"h
14"w x 26"h 18"w x 56.5"l x 4" Large $916.99
Model 3014
14"w x 30"h
14"w x 30"h 18"w x 64.5"l x 4"d Large $1031.99
Model 3614
14"w x 36"h
14"w x 36"h 18"w x 76"l x 4"d Large $1231.99
1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
This warranty is through the manufacturer only
Photo of Solo Collar Tag
Solo Collar Tags come in three sizes. Any size tag will work with any size door. The Larger the pet you have, the larger the collar tag you should choose. This is because the larger / taller pet is farther away from the sensing coil that is located in the bottom corner of the Solo Unit. A small pet is closer to the gound and thus can wear a small collar tag even while using a larger Solo unit.

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Considered Best Electronic
Proven Raccoon Proof
10 Sizes,
Fits Doors & Walls
$409.99 - 1,231.99
5 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door

Pricing starts at: $409.99
Complete pricing chart at bottom of this page

Door Mount Installation Instructions:

Find the best location to install your SOLO PET DOOR. For large dogs, install the door 4" or 8" above the floor level so that it can easily step through the door with comfort. If you have a small dog and a large dog, compromise: install to suit both pets.
Always install the SOLO PET DOOR from the inside portion of the door. Only the black trim will mount on the outside surface of the door.
1) Take white and black trims off before installation

2)Put pet door into position. Stand the pet door frame against the inside of the house door at the desired height. Use phone books or other suitable objects to hold the pet door in position. With a pencil, scribe an outline around the outside of the metal frame of the pet door onto the house door.

3)Mark Cutout. With the frame in the same position, lift the sliding pet door ( by pulling on its cable) into the open position. Scribe a rectangle on the interior side of the house door, tracking around the inside opening of the metal frame. This rectangle will become the opening through to the outside. Remove the pet door frame from the door. You should now have two rectangles drawn on the door.

4) Cut Opening. Remove the metal pet door frame. Drill four holes, one at each corner of the smaller rectangle. Go outside and mark with a straight edge, a similar rectangular opening using the holes as a guide for the corners. Mark opening 1/4" larger, all the way around, so as to allow exterior black trim to fit smoothly. Cut opening.

5) Drill six mounting Holes. Prepare for mounting the metal frame by drilling six holes through the door as shown.

6)Attach Pet Door Frame to the Door. Put pet door frame back into position. Insert 4 (four) screws that hold the black trim to the frame. this will center the exterior trim in the opening and temporarily hold the pet door frame against the house door. check that metal frame is square with hose door. Drill small pilot holes into the metal frame for the two top screws. Insert to top screws from the outside through the house door into the metal pet door frame

7) Final Steps. Attach white interior trim panel to metal frame. white trim can be trimmed if necessary with a knife or saw to match edge of frame. Plug pet door power cord into 120 Volt, 60 Hz power receptacle. Turn on power switch. Door should open and close ( one time) when first turned on.

That's it, you're done!!

Solo Pet Door
Sensitivity and Open-Time Settings

The Solo Pet Door is electronically programmed to operate ONLY ONCE EACH 20 SECONDS.

The pet's magnet must move in order to activate the door. The sensitivity is initially set at the factory to activate the door at approximately 3 feet ( adjustable) and to stay open for approximately 3 seconds ( also adjustable).

Adjustment of sensitivity and timing may be useful for special circumstances. For example, if one wants to let the dog out while keeping a cat inside ( or out), the sensitivity can be decreased and the door open-time reduced.

Remove the whit plastic trim panel to gain access to the receiver electronics module. Follow these procedures.

SENSITIVITY. Once your pet is comfortable with operating the door (usually within one week), it is time to adjust the door to activate at a closer distance - perhaps at 18 inches. To adjust the distance accurately and correctly, please follow the steps as listed.

1) Hold the collar magnet in your hand at approximately the same height as your pet would wear it.

2) Hold the magnet 3 feet away from the pet door.

3) Gently flip wrist up and down and sideways as if the animal were approaching the pet door. If the door does not open, Carefully move 6 inches closer and repeat. NOTE: you have to wait 20 seconds each time the door opens before it can again be opened.

4) To decrease sensitivity, using a small screwdriver, turn the recessed white SENSITIVITY control counter-clockwise SLIGHTLY. DO NOT FORCE.

TIMING. The pet door is set to stay open for approximately 3 seconds. Once the pet is familiar with the pet door, you should set the timing down to approximately 1-2 seconds. which is plenty of time for your pet to exit the pet door. To decrease open time, use a small screwdriver to turn OPEN TIME control clockwise. DO NOT FORCE.

If you have cats that you intend to keep inside, the less time and the less sensitivity to which the open door is programmed the less of a chance your cat will have in going outside.

Once the pet door has been set to best accommodate you and your pets' needs, no further adjustments are necessary.

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Electronic Pet Door | Pulley System (115 volt motor)
Most Reliable - Raccoon Proof - Magnetic Operation