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Wood Slat Super Large Stairway Gate

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Wood Slat Super Large Stairway Gate

Hardware Mounted Wood Gate | Super Large Stairway Gate

The Wood Slat Super Large Stairway Gates only difference between the Wood Slat Extra Large Stairway gate is the span width. Both gates measure 32" tall, but the Super Large Stairway Gate can span to fit openings from 42" to 68" wide while the Extra Large Stairway Gate fits only 32" to 54".

This super large stairway gate works well at restricting access for small or large pets. The 2 7/8" wood bar spacings makes it difficult for small pets to pass through, and the 32" overall gate height works great at preventing tall dogs from jumping over the gate. The gate frame is constructed of durable American hardwood and is made in the USA. .

The hardware mounting style, and one direction swinging panel design allows for this gate to be used at the top or bottom of stairways. The one directional stop prevents the gate from dangerously passing out over stairs, and the hardware mounting style allows for the complete panel to be swung open, eliminating the need for a bottom brace bar that could become a tripping hazard. This super large gate also includes wooden support bars to help stabilize the gate when fully expanded. This gate has been JPMA certified for use with small children. This gate features a child proof safety lock that cannot be opened by children, but is very simple for adults to operate. This gate can fit opening from 42" to 68" wide and measures 32" tall.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
42" - 68"
2 7/8"
Gate Width
Natural Wood

JPMA Certified Product
Gate is JPMA certified & adheres
to the guidelines as set forth by the JPMA
& the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
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Hardware Mounted Model
32" high
Fits 42"-68"

Moore Pet Supplies

Spans an area of 42" to 68" Gate stands 32" tall Mounting hardware is included American hardwood construction Certified for use at the top of stairs JPMA certified
All returns incur a 10% restocking fee

Wood Slat Super Large Stairway Gate