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Cat Scratcher Board

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Cat Scratcher Board

Overall Unit Dimensions

26" L x 11.5" W x 6.1" H

Introducing the Cat Scratcher Board. This solid wood veneer reversible scratching bed has a corrugated cardboard pad. This bed encourages positive scratching behavior and is reversable to withstand your cats nails for twice as long as comparable pads, so whether your cat is looking to scratch or to play, countless hours of entertainment will be provided. Replacement pads are also available to ensure your cat won't scratch all of the enjoyment out of this product. Click Here for Replacement Pads


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Can be used for lounging, scratching or playing Board is reversible Corrugated cardboard pad encourages positive scratching behaviors, and is designed to withstand scratching for twice as long as other scratching pads Replacement pads are available
Cat Scratcher Board