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Cat Hole

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Cat Hole Arch

Interior Door Cat Door

Product Dimensions
Pet Opening:
4" w x 6"h
Fits Doors:
1 3/8" to 1 3/4"

Animate Large dog door views
The Cat Hole cat archway is designed to fit hollow and solid core doors 1 3/8" & 1 3/4" in thickness.
This pet archway allows you to hide your cats litter box in a closet, cabinet or behind any interior door. These units are made Baltic Birch which is easily installed and can be stained to match any interior woodwork. The cat door also features a removable brush that lines the archway and combs the cat collecting any loose hair.

The Cathole is designed to be used with interior doors as a passage way from one area to another. They are commonly used in doors that go downstairs or to a closet or closed room that the cat litter may be staged.

For Interior Doors
Wood Frame with Brush
2 Sizes
Doors: 1 3/8" - 1 3/4"

Cat Hole Fits hollow and solid core doors of 1 3/8" & 1 3/4" thickness. Archway Dimensions: 4 x 6 Brush liner to comb away loose hair. (easily removable) Made of Baltic Birch and can be easily stained Easy to install Paint or decal for a personal touch (Cat Hole comes unfinished)
Cat Hole Arch Installation Instructions:

This cat door comes with a very detailed set of installation instructions.
However, we have added the following tips to supplement the instructions.

Some people do not spend much time doing "handy person" tasks.
Others of us may be more like Tim Allen than Bob Villa.
And still others like to explore products very thoroughly before they purchase.

Hopefully, these tips will help you, if you are one of the above.

The most important tip is to follow the first instruction.
This instruction says to mark the BOTTOM of the door before you remove it at the hinge-pins.
Most of us would appreciate the humor in someone else cutting an opening in the TOP of THEIR door -
few (very few) of us would see the same humor - if the hole was in OUR door!

Mark an "X" on the BOTTOM of the door, before you remove it.

Remove hinges on your door

Remove the hinge pins by using a flat screw-driver and tapping upward.



Some hinge pins need a pretty good wrap to get them started.

tap door hinge to remove door for cathole

cut out the cathole template

Use scissors to cut out the TEMPLATE for the cat door.


Be sure to darken the traced outline on the door
so that you see it clearly when you saw out the hole.

The hole you will cut in the door will be smaller than the outer edge of the frames.
(ie the frames will cover the hole).
As a precaution, place a frame over the traced outline
-- the outline should be totally hidden underneath the frame.
"measure twice - cut once"

measure for your cat door carefully

Carefully saw the cat door ouline

You may want to cover the base of the saber saw with tape -
so as to not mar the door finish.

Carefully cut around the outline.
(one lady, who will go unnamed, missed the line by half an inch).
The frame just barely covered this boo-boo.

There are four small pins
that are inserted into pre-drilled holes in one of the frames.

One end of the pin has a chamfer (taper).
This end inserts easier.

Prepare your frame

measure your door

There are two sets of screws supplied to handle different door thicknesses.

The black screws are for 1- 3/8" doors
and the gold ones are for 1-3/4" doors.
(most internal doors are 1-3/8" as shown)

Insert the appropriate screws in the (3) counter-sunk holes
and fasten the two frames together.

prepare the cat door frame

insert the cathole frame Slide the loosely fitted frame assembly over the door - covering the opening

Tighten screws gently to secure frame assembly to door.
Turn each screw a half-turn and keep rotating to the next screw, until all are snug
- do not over tighten.

tighten the frame into place

cover the holes with plugs
Insert the (3) wooden plugs in the counter-sunk screw holes.

Bend the brush and insert it into the frame assembly.
There are two "tabs" on the back of the brush.
These "tabs" hold the brush in place by resting on the lower screws.

The brush can be easily removed for cleaning - after it picks up loose cat hair.

Some owners rub catnip on the brush to encourage kitty to brush themselves.

insert your cathole brush

A finish can be applied to the wood frames while the door is off or after reinstalling the door.

Reinstall the door by aligning the hinges and inserting the pins.
Insert the top pin first and work your way down.
(be careful to not pinch your fingers).

Interior Door Cat Door
Fits Hollow & Solid Doors | 1 3/8" or 1 3/4" thick
Includes Brush Liner | Easy to Remove for Cleaning