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Cat Mate Elite Super Selective | Chip or RFID Tag Activation

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Cat Mate Elite Super Selective
Micro Chip & Disc | RFID

Combination RFID tag or implanted microchip

Control up to 9 cats - With Chip or Collar Tag

Product Dimensions
Pet Opening
6"w x 6 "h
Rough Cut Required
6 7/8" x 7 7/8"
Exterior Frame
9 3/4" x 10 1/2"
Fits Doors: Up to 4" thick
Adapts to Walls with Optional Extensions

The Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Chip & Disc | RFID offers the latest technology with the greatest variety of control options for your cat. This Cat Flap includes all of the popular features provided in the Elite Super Selective RFID model, along with additional programming and access options.You have the choice of using the RFID collar tags for the door activation, or you can program the door to your cat's embedded micro chip. These doors are great solution for cats that cannot or will not wear collars.

Micro chip activated Elite Super Selective

RFID Collar Tag Demonstration This Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Chip & Disc | RFID can be programmed for up to 9 cats total by collar tag or RFID implanted microchip. (Example: 3 collar tags and 6 microchips are acceptable). Like the Elite Super Selective RFID cat door, this Elite Chip & Disc Cat Flap features an LCD display, showing the selected entry and exit lock status, cat location (inside or out) and the time the door was last used (for up to 3 cats total). This LCD display also provides the status for timing control, allowing you to completely lock off access at any time during the night, and have it set to unlock at any time in the morning.

This Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Chip & Disc | RFID requires 4-AA batteries (not included) that should last you approximately 6-9 months. This model is self lining to fit any door up to 4" thick. You can purchase optional tunnel extensions to snap together and frame out a tunnel for any wall thickness. Each tunnel extension adds 2".

Additional Information
Flap Replacement Sequence
RFID Tags for the Elite Cat Doors
Programming Note: The programming sequence above uses the RFID collar tag, if programming to Micro-chipped cat, use cat's proximity to program unit.
Collar tags not included
(Size: 1 5/16" diameter by 1/8" thick)
Tags are very lightweight & waterproof

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Programs up to 9 cats to control individual entry through the flap. LCD Display shows selected entry and exit status, the cats location and last time used (for up to 3 cats). Low battery indicator. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). Timing function controls access for all cats (lock at night, unlock in morning) Self-lining up to 100mm (4") thick Fully draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap. Uses RFID technology - Tags or Embedded Micro Chip 4-Way Locking device Add optional Wall Liners for installation in walls

Cat Mate Elite
Super Selective Chip & Disc Cat Flap
Collar tags & Micro Chip not included
Controls access In