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Cat Mate Elite RFID Collar Tags

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Cat Mate Elite RFID Collar Tags

Tags work with "Selective" and the "Super Selective" Models

The Cat Mate Elite RFID Collar Tags are can be used with both of the Cat Mate New "Selective" and "Super Selective" doors. These tags are completely water proof and do not require batteries or maintenance. Each tag has a sticker so that you can mark each tag in respect to personal information as well as noting which tag has certain programmed features
(depending on the door you have).

Note: If you are purchasing a Cat Mate Elite series door for the first time, you can add additional collar tags to your shopping cart as you purchase the door...this will save you shipping charges.
This page is for Customers who already have a unit and need additional tags.

RFID Collar Tags

(Size: 1 5/16" diameter by 1/8" thick)
Tags are very lightweight & waterproof
(Only available in blue)

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Cat Mate Elite RFID Collar Tags
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