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Cat Mate Elite RFID Super Selective

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Cat Mate Elite RFID | Super Selective

Complete Monitoring & Control of Cats Movements (Up to 8 Cats)
"Raccoon Proof Cat Door "
Product Dimensions
Pet Opening
6"w x 6 "h
Rough Cut Required
6 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Exterior Frame
9 3/4" x 10 1/2"
Fits Doors: Up to 2" thick
Adapts to Walls with Optional Extensions

Keeps All Unwanted Pests Out

The Cat Mate Elite RFID Super Selective by Ani-mate is the newest technology in cat doors. These doors give you complete control and monitoring of your cats movements while providing optimum security in keeping out other cats and nuisance animals. This cat door is the first that uses RFID technology and a unique locking mechanism that makes this door Raccoon proof. An Innovative Timing Feature allows you to set the time that the cats will have access to the door. A visual display shows the location (Inside and Outside) of up to 3 pets. You can individually control access for certain pets, while allowing others outside.
Click Here for Elite Cat Door Tunnel Extensions

The ' Super Selective' includes a timer to control the periods of time for allowing access to the pet door. The 'Selective' model does not include the timer feature and no visual display to indicate whether cats are inside or outdoors.

Note: The unique way the flap locks is what makes this cat door Raccoon Proof.
Raccoons are unable to get their fingers under the flap and lift outward as they can in most other cat doors.

Programming Steps

Flap Replacement Sequence

RFID Collar Tags

Unit comes with 2 RFID Collar Tags
(Size: 1 5/16" diameter by 1/8" thick)
Tags are very lightweight & waterproof
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Includes 2 electronic I.D. Discs (up to 8 unique I.D. Discs possible) to control individual entry and exit through the flap - keeps all other animals out. LCD Display shows selected entry and exit lock status, cat location and time since flap last used for up to 3 selected cats. Low battery indicator. Requires 4 x AA (R6) batteries. Timer function controls access for all your cats, e.g. to keep cats in at night. Self-lining up to 50mm (2 inch) thick - ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel 0 - 50mm (0 - 2 inch) thick. Fully draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap. Uses RFID technology 4-Way Locking device Self-Framing out to 2" Add optional Wall Liners for installation in walls Raccoon Proof

Cat Mate Elite
RFID Super Selective