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Dog Doors for Glass

Posted by team on Apr 21st 2021

Dog Doors for Glass

One option for a dog door that I know I never knew existed is a dog door in glass. I was considering a patio pet door insert, but I did not want to lose the space that a patio insert takes up. Having a big dog made the insert too large and my opening too small. As I researched further, I found the dog door in glass from Security Boss was the perfect solution. It has a sleek design with a sturdy metal frame. It not only looks great, it also installs right into the glass and leaves the patio opening for the humans.

The dog door in glass can also be installed in a French style door where the glass is all one piece or any window that is large enough to accommodate the size of dog door you need to install in the glass. The best door to install in the glass is the Security Boss Manufacturing dog door for in the glass applications. The strong metal frame provides a sturdy framework which is needed when installing a dog door in glass.

The dog door installation is a bit more involved as you need a piece of glass glazed with room notched out to install the dog door in glass. A professional glazier can easily take care of this process for you. It was not difficult to find dog door installation near me . A simple search for dog door installation near me on Moore Pet Supplies web site provided a list of installers that serviced my location.

The professional dog door installer came to my home to measure the glass that needed to be replaced. They and the Moore Pet Supplies customer service representative helped me choose the proper dog door and they took it from there. A return trip with the glass and dog door and my dog door installation was complete!