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Custom Dog Doors

Posted by team on Jun 30th 2021

Custom Dog Doors

When my nephew bought his new home, there was a hole that used to contain a dog door in his screened in porch. The hole allowed all sorts of critters to visit in the night which did not please his wife very much at all. When I told them about the high quality custom dog doors made right here in the USA by Security Boss Manufacturing, they were thrilled. All they needed to do was provide the measurements of the current hole and to decide which style of custom dog doors fit their situation the best. The custom dog doors available from Security Boss Manufacturing fit a wide variety of needs. Custom dog doors are available for a screened in porch, glass inserts, doors, or walls and come with a variety of degrees of insulation as well.

My nephew wanted help with his dog door installation so he searched the list of professionals in his area on the Moore Pet Supplies website. One the gaping hole was replaced with the custom dog doors function and beauty, the whole family, including his dog, were very pleased. Aria, their full of energy labradoodle, was beyond thrilled to have her free access to the backyard and the slide in blocking panel made sure that the nightly critter visits were no more. Win! Win!

There are many other situations where custom dog doors can provide a perfect solution. Security Boss Manufacturing can make custom dog doors for any type of pet. They have even made custom dog doors for turtles, goats, and chickens! So, whether you have an existing hole from an old pet door that needs to be replaced, or your pet door installation is a bit more unique, a custom dog door from Security Boss Manufacturing can provide the perfect solution for you and your pets.