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SureFlap Large Pet Door RFID Collar Tags

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SureFlap RFID Collar Tags

The SureFlap RFID Collar Tags are designed to be used with the SureFlap Microchip RFID Large Pet Door. It is recommended to have your dog or cat embedded with an RFID microchip for accessing the door, however if your pet is not microchipped or you have a visiting pet temporarily using this pet door, the collar tag is available as an alternative option. These collar tags are compatible with all SureFlap Microchip RFID Large Pet Door, along with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door models with serial numbers greater than 1152201.

Note: If you are purchasing a SureFlap Microchip Large Pet Door for the first time, you can add additional collar tags to your shopping cart as you purchase this door, saving on shipping charges. These packets of collar tags are recommended for customers who already have a SureFlap Microchip pet door and need additional collar tags.

Unit comes with 2 RFID Collar Tags
(Size: 1" diameter, weighs 2 grams)
Tags are very lightweight & waterproof

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SureFlap Large Pet Door RFID Collar Tags
Sold in package of 2