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Security Boss Replacement Pile Weatherstripping

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Security Boss Replacement Pile Brush Weather Seal

Weather Seal for all MaxSeal Pet Doors

Replacement Pile Brush Weather Seal

Security Boss Manufacturing  LLC The Security Boss Pet Doors use a high density pile brush weather seal that lines the pet opening frame to eliminate drafts and keep out undesirables. This pile brush bridges the gap between the flap and the frame of your pet door. Through use this pile brush can relax and lose it's rigidity, so it is recommended that you replace the weather seal whenever needed. Typically this is a maintenance item that can be done every 2-3 years. The frequency of replacing this weather seal depends largely on whether your pet is rubbing the sides of the pet door as they use navigate through it. Sometimes customers choose a smaller size opening to begin with and their pets continue to get larger. This results in a rubbing action that can wear out the brush material sooner than if the dog door is sized adequately. Even under these conditions, replacing the brush is easy and requires little time.

When you receive your replacement pile brush, you will notice that we send more than enough, so you will have extra left over. We send it in a roll so you can cut it to the exact lengths to fit your door optimally.

We will send you 10 ft. of Pile Brush material...should cover your door with some left over.

Why is the Security Boss Pile Brush Weather Seal Better?

Security Boss uses high density brush material that maintains its shape longer than other softer brush material generally found in pet doors. This is important because this brush receives quite a bit of friction depending on how frequently the pet door used. The more pets you have, the more frequency. Our pile brush weather seal is designed to last longer and work better. Security Boss only uses the best components in the fabrication of their products.

Note: Every now and then we hear from a customer that my dog ate the pile brush weather assured there is no harm that will come to your pet, but we do recommend that you try to break their habit!

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC is dedicated to providing products that operate beyond expectations and provide the customer with long years of satisfaction. The MaxSeal Pet Door lines are designed so that you can maintain your pet door indefinitely.

Replacement Pile Brush
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Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Security Boss Replacement Pile Weatherstripping
for the MaxSeal Pet Door Models
Sold in 10 Ft. Lengths